Hippopotamus for Christmas

And that, my friends, is why old people are awesome.

Happy Weekend!

Nail Tutorial - How to: Gold Tips and Flowers

Happy Black Friday, readers! I hope that those of you who are Americans enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday and took some time to rest before setting to the malls for some epic sales. I know that, in scouring the internet, there are mad awesome sales going on basically everywhere. Being in Canada, I feel a little privileged, knowing that your Black Friday madness has crept, to some extent, over to our side of the border. Shopping bliss.

Just, please, I beg you, be safe.

And so, today's post, completely unrelated to the Black Friday traditions (WORST SEGWAY EVER), involves doing your nails. This will take some time, so do make sure that you have some set aside where you will not bothered and can execute this tutorial smudge free.

And there you have it! 

Happy nail painting and shopping! 

Monday Mentionables [2] - Doctor Who edition

At the risk of turning the blog into a Doctor Who fandom archive, I wanted to share this bit of wonderful with you.


It's so very true.

Happy Monday!

Day of the Doctor; Review

If you have not yet seen the Anniversary Special, my suggestion would be to look away. In the words of River Song, "Spoilers, sweetie..."

I'm going to begin this review by stating, off the bat, that once I have published this, I will not respond to any comments. You Whovians can all comment to your heart's content, but I do not feel the need to revalidate my opinions.

The Day of the Doctor; A review and some existential thinking
Brittany Knapper

Ben Lawrence writes it true when he says that "the abiding point of The Day of the Doctor was that it was essentially the same show that came to life in grainy monochrome one November evening in 1963. Charming, eccentric, and very, very British, it is a unique part of [their] cultural life."That eccentricity is part of what makes Doctor Who such an overwhelming success.

The anniversary episode was not what I had been expecting. As a North American viewer, accustomed to Hollywood explosives and bigger-than-you characterization, I was admittedly put-off by the comedically humble tone of The Day of the Doctor. I came into the Special expecting epic battle scenes between the Doctor(s) and the Daleks, reminiscent of episodes like "The End of Time." I was also expecting for John Hurt's actualization to be more menacing - it was, after all, the vibe that writer, Steven Moffat left us with at the end of "The Name of the Doctor."

However, once the shock of Hurt's whimsical characterization set in, it was nice to see him foil the more ridiculous personalities of Tennant's Ten and Smith's Eleven. His interaction with Clara before the "Badwolf" version of Rose Tyler sent him back to his Moment is one of the most touchingly beautiful scenes in the Special. I actually really like Clara as the Doctor's companion, and it was lovely to see her character transform as she came to understand The Doctor more clearly. "When you talked about destroying Gallifray," she says tearfully, "I never actually pictured you being the one to do it." It is those profoundly moving moments that make me hail Steven Moffat as the brilliant writer he is.

The episode was true to the entirety of Doctor Who. While it would have been nice to have Eccleston show his face in more than a 2 second archive clip, more intensely developed battle scenes between the Doctor(s) and the Daleks (were we not all expecting it when they made their triumphant speech about how there was three of them and the Daleks wouldn't know what hit them?), it was wonderful to see Moffat weave so many of Doctor Who's unfinished storylines together and bring an era of menacing darkness to an end, creating, out of delightful necessity, a new adventure for Capaldi's Thirteen.

What is key to remember, is that although Moffat successfully recaptured the style of Davies' in his writing of Ten, Moffat is not Davies. In fact, Moffat's plans for Doctor Who's future are (and I suspect always have been) centered around this Anniversary Special. It was time (pun intended) for Doctor Who to return to its comically humble roots, and for The Doctor to remember who he was before Davies reinvented him. Moffat is finally calling The Doctor home - I suspect that was, intentionally, a bit of a jab at Davies.

I have no interest in discussing what could have been done better. Moffat chose to include what he did for his own reasons. I have full confidence that his unended Zygon storyline will be resolved later - note that the one Zygon knows who it is, it didn't have the asthma inhaler - just the Daleks probably did not destroy themselves, and the presumably 'dead' Cyberman in the Tower of London will make some trouble for earth during Capaldi's reign.

The truth is that those final words of Eleven, in the closing scene of the Special, signified a change in the story of Doctor Who. We are no longer asking the question, "Doctor who?" because The Doctor, himself, is no longer asking what kind of man he is. Instead, he is asking how to get home.

I propose to you, then, Whovian and critic alike, that in order for Doctor Who to remain "Charming, eccentric, and very, very British" it has to demonstrate a shift beyond "who am I?" to the question which has essentially plagued the great tales of British culture for so many years (cite LOTR, Chronicles of Narnia, the Arthurian Legends, Peter Pan, etc.,): "How do I get home?" Further, we are now facing a Doctor who has managed, after all these years, to have a homeland. Should he be able to unlock them from Time, he has another world to defend.

My question for Moffat is this: what happens when the Daleks make The Doctor choose between humanity and Gallifray? Perhaps that is a question for the 100th Anniversary Special to address. Perhaps that will be when Britain has moved beyond a nostalgic desire to save its homeland, and instead embraced that perhaps home really is where the heart is. It is the new post-modern condition: we are no longer a humanity struggling from the homelessness of modernism, but rather one who is forced to address the collaboration of multiple homes on who we are as people.

Perhaps that is why, when we are talking about hearts and homes, The Doctor has two.


The Day of the Doctor

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And this is what I am doing today.

A good friend of mine got me hooked on Doctor Who and so today I am watching the worldwide release of 'The Day of the Doctor.'

It's like Christmas, which is pretty awesome, because Christmas will be sad: Matt Smith is leaving the show.

The Sunshine Award

First of all, thanks to Jolie for nominating me for the Sunshine Award! As a new blogger (with an actual purpose), it is exciting to be so well received by my fellow cyberspace cohorts!

Here are the rules that I need to abide by:
  • Share 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions by your nomination bloggers.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers.
  • Include 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
And here we go! 

11 Facts:
1) Before Lipstick&Yarn, I authored a blog called 'The BK Lounge' which basically detailed the exploits of my daily life without having any real purpose. You can check it out here.
2) I hope to do a PhD in Literary Theory.
3) I grew up in small town Ontario, Canada. There was a cornfield across the road from my house and I lived IN TOWN!
4) I am madly in love with the man of my dreams, and that is pretty cool.
5) I hate peas. 
6) If I was to be a character from 'Friends', I would probably be Monica - crazy OCD and all.
7) I think snail mail is one of my favourite things ever. There is so much joy in receiving a letter from a friend or family member - I have to say, my grandparents have always written me pretty rad letters. 
8) I have a very important 'No Christmas Music before Remembrance Day' rule. This is important because I LOVE Christmas and I make it last as long as possible. 
9) On the topic of Christmas, I am a firm believer in the Biblical meaning of Christmas, and I get some pretty intense shivers down my spine when I reflect on the act of incredible Love on which my faith is based upon.
10) My favourite places in North America are: Disney World, Florida, and the beaches of Nova Scotia, Canada.
11) Winter is my favourite time of year. I prefer layering clothing on, than having dress for Ontario's terrible heat.

Questions from Jolie of JoliePagaille.com

What 5 products that you absolutely cannot live without?

Since the type of “products” was not specified, I am going to differ from the track of “beauty and fashion” and give a more diverse list of the products that I can’t live without.

1) My good ‘ole Apple iPhone 4s. I don’t believe this needs any explanation.
2) Bic’s 12 pack of ballpoint pens. - I am a student, so these guys are necessary to my life. Practical and simple, I’ve always been very picky about my pens. Bic’s have always done the job without taking themselves too seriously.
3) My travel mug. All things coffee and tea come with me every where, all the time. I do not know what I would do without it.
4) On the makeup end of things: my Covergirl foundation. I have fairly picky skin when it comes to products I can use. Covergirl makes a great sensitive skin formula, and since I have used it for as long as I can remember, it just seems necessary to my life.
5) Socks. Socks are pretty important in my daily life. I hate it when my feet are cold, so I usually have more than one pair on at any given time.

What are your current goals for your blog/YouTube Channel?
My current goals for my blog are pretty simple. Create a space that reflects life and style that is applicable to the 20-somethings who may not have as much disposable income as their favourite 30-something bloggers. While I appreciate what many of the women in their 30s bring to the lifestyle blog sphere, I have found that the lives they present are at least a decade beyond where I  am. The truth is that this blog was inspired heavily by the show ‘2 Broke Girls’. While watching that show, I found myself struck by how surprisingly accurate it was in describing the life of the young adult. Coupons, thrift store shopping, and saving up to buy the expensive bacon are all realistic aspects of the lives many 20-something Millennials who are putting their hard earned coffee-shop job money toward their student/government loans and living paycheck to paycheck because of it. 

Which post/video did you have the most fun writing/filming?

I have pretty limited post options to work with, since I am only about a week into my blogging experiment, but I really did enjoy doing the nail how-to post. I have a bunch of beauty tutorials which I am excited to incorporate into the blog later on. I have also been working on some projects that fall under the ‘Yarn’ part of the blog’s title that I am excited to share. 
If your life story became a movie, who would you have play you?

If my life story became a movie, I would probably want Jennifer Lawrence to play me. That probably sounds a little cliche, since Jennifer Lawrence is basically everyone’s go-to actress now that she’s won an Academy Award and had a huge movie release this week (Catching Fire, for any of you readers who aren’t up to times on the Hollywood buzz), but I have people tell me I look a little bit like her, so it would be fun to have my celebrity doppleganger play me. She’s also hilarious, so that’s an added bonus.
I don't know if I see it....
In which country/state do you reside?

Which Country or State? I’m going to answer this with a bit of facetiousness. I live in Canada, but since Canada’s a pretty big place, I think it is necessary to specify in which Province (the Canadian version of ‘States’) I reside. Currently, I am living in British Columbia, near(ish) Vancouver. 
What motivated you to create a blog/YouTube channel?

Oh, really should have read these questions through before going all long-winded in previous answers. I created this blog because I was tired of reading blogs whose content was inapplicable and unrealistic for 20-something post-students in my situation. I don’t have access to a fancy camera because $600.00 is a month’s rent and groceries, nor do I have the ability to buy the latest stilettos, make-up products, or vintage (read expensively old) furniture pieces. I wanted to create a blog that could reflect the average jo(sephine) of the Millenial age. Let’s build style from wardrobe basics, rediscover how to knit and quilt and crochet, and share practical recipes that save us 20-somethings some $$ (home-made bread recipes anyone?). 
How do you deal with blogger’s (writer’s) block?
Man, writer’s block of any form is THE WORST. As a current graduate student, I am all too familiar with the plight of wordlessness. I solve this by doing something I love. Since my blog is kind of a One Broke Girl meets Fashion meets Domesticity meets Student, I immerse myself in the wonderful and fragmented World Wide Web. Sometimes, this means watching 3 straight hours of Friends. Sometimes, this means scrolling through Buzzfeed. Other times, I will put the computer down entirely, throw on some Anne of Green Gables, and crochet until the ideas come back.  

If you won $500 today, what would you do with that money?

I would like to be responsible and pretend like I would pay my rent, or use it as a means to pay off a little bit of debt, but let’s be honest here: I would go shopping. 
Which stores do you mainly shop at for your beauty products?

Beauty Products? Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart if it is anything related to make-up or nail polish. I don’t splurge on high-end beauty products, so those stores do just fine. Otherwise, if we are talking about products I use to make myself beautiful (hair straighteners, curling irons, etc.,) I will keep an eye out for sales. The straightener I am currently using was purchased from Winners for around $40.00, and I use it every day. 
Do you have a favorite pair of shoes and what are they?

Only one favourite pair of shoes? Now that’s just mean. Anyone who knows me, knows that the worst part of a mall is that section where the shoe stores and bookstores are all next to each other. THE WORST! I love shoes, and I love books, and that is never going to change.
That being said, my favourite pair of shoes are these cute gold vintage flats that I picked up for $5.00 at a second-hand store last summer. 

What is your favorite scent?

My favourite scent has always been sawdust, or freshly cut grass. These bring me back to my childhood and remind me of days watching my grandpa whittle wood, or laying in the grass after a fresh rain. 
My favourite perfume is the rich scent of Jacob. I cannot describe why, except that it is the most amazing thing ever and makes me feel like a real adult every time I wear it.
1) The White List 
2) XOXO Julie 
3) Fashion Anna 
4) Where the Sidewalk Begins 
5) Chattering Gem 
6) Poppy Loves 
7) Sunshine and Smiles 
8) Sparkling Footsteps 
9) A Girl, A Style 
10) Could I have That? 
11) The Effortless Chic 

Questions for Nominees

1. What inspires you most in your day to day life and why?

2. Is there anywhere you have always wanted to travel to but have never been able to?

3. What is your favourite book and why? 

4. When you began your blog, what were your intentions? Have they changed?

5. Do you have any random/embarassing/unique skills and what are they?

6. Tea or Coffee?

7. Does your blog contribute to your life ambitions? 

8. Who is the coolest person you have ever met?

9) What is the worst job you have ever worked? 

10) What songs would constitute the soundtrack to your life?

11) What is the #1 thing on your bucketlist? 

Be sure to let me know when you have completed the questions! I would love to pop by and read them! 

Building Basics: White Tee and Patterned Jean

If any of you are like me, you understand the importance of building an outfit around a basic. Clothing is like a palette of paint colours, waiting to be mixed and matched into something lovely. Often, though, it is the common pieces in one's wardrobe that seem to be under-appreciated, and under styled. They are, after all, basics. 

But here's the thing: unless you are a runway model, or someone working in an industry promoting high fashion, chances are that those BASICS PROVIDE A STYLING FOIL TO THE MORE ECCENTRIC ITEMS IN YOUR CLOSET. 

Allow me to demonstrate.

I began with a simple white tee. This is one of my favourites: 3/4 length sleeve and loose fitting, with a little bit of stitching detail at the collar. 

I subsequently decided on pairing the t-shirt with peach and white snake-print cropped skinnies that I love, but have a hard time finding an excuse to wear. 

After that, I added a contrasting (and darker) colour using a scarf that I had in my closet, and whose print didn't overpower the jeans. This is important to remember when wearing scarves with other loud wardrobe items, especially when mixing patterns. Be sure that they don't compete for attention.

A good way to gauge this is to choose a bigger, more defined print for scarves if the opposing piece has a smaller design, or vice versa. The last thing you want is for someone to look you up and down and wonder why your outfit is yelling at them.

Knowing that I was wearing cropped jeans and that temperatures were fairly cool, I threw on a pair of (mismatched) socks and knee- boots to hide my ankles.

Lastly, to not over-exert the colour scheme, I pulled in a cardigan whose colour matched the scarf. This way, other than the boots, I only used 3 colours in my scheme: peach, white, and navy.

The peach and navy sit opposite each other on the colour wheel (where, normally it would be some tone of orange, the peach offers enough of a contrast that it works), and therefore compliment each other without becoming visually exhausting. 

Here is what the outfit looked like once I put it all together. The boots act as a neutral, while the navy draws your eye in. The peach colouring in the jean also makes me feel like I can get away with the no white after labour day rule and still keep things classy without going all Drew Barrymore in 'Never Been Kissed.'

And voila! An outfit, built around a basic white tee, that has managed not to throw a competitive yelling tantrum with itself.

As a note, I would like to start a series on wardrobe basics and 'how to wear' certain styles and items. Is there anything you would like to see? Tweet me, email me, Facebook me. I'll be sure to make it happen.

Happy Thursday!

Style Post: From my closet; Oxfords and Stripes

Happy Tuesday, readers!

First, I would like to thank you all for the overwhelming support and encouragement! It's been a fun couple of days getting the blog underway, and you have all been so wonderful! 

Remember to also follow me on Twitter (@LipstickAndYarn), and on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/lipstickandyarn). You can also follow me on Pinterest, Bloglovin', and Instagram by clicking the icons to your right. 


These are my Oxfords. I love them dearly and don't wear them often enough (I have a small shoe obsession, so my closet treasures don't always get pulled out at every opportune moment, like Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean, I miss those moments. Every. Time.). Mostly I find that they can be hard to pull together in an outfit. 

You can't wear them with leggings, or else your Disney princess socks will be showcased underneath (boots are preferable).
You can't wear them with comfy boot-cut jeans because the heels just seem too fancy for the casual look.
You can't wear them with a work uniform because that's impractical.
You can't wear them in the summer with any outfit because your feet sweat and that's just gross. 

So I pulled them out and paired them with black leggings and a striped dress, tying the tones together with a brown leather belt. I then added a subtle splash of colour with a purple cardigan,

The result was a slightly monochromatic, but practical outfit. I am a graduate student, after all, so practicality is important for an academically geared wardrobe.

That being said, I am an English focus in my MA in Humanities, so owning a pair of Oxfords seemed literary, somehow. 

I am a huge believer in practical, comfortable fashion. I am an even bigger believer in saving some change where change can be saved. In this case, this entire outfit clinks with the sound of coins dropping into my piggy-bank. Additionally, none of these pieces were purchased after January of 2013, so the cost of the outfit is only the energy it took me to find these items in my closet and throw them together.


Here's the breakdown:
Oxfords: Payless Shoe Stores. Purchased these in 2011 for under 20$.
Tights: H&M. My favourite pair of black tights. $6 - sale.
Cardigan: Smart Set. Purchased 2010/11. Under $20.
Dress: Thrifed from the Salvation Army. $4.
Belt: Vintage (has Eaton's company stamp on back). Thrifted from Talize. $3.

What's in your closet that you can rework into something fun?

Monday Mentionables [1]

Welcome to the first edition of Monday Mentionables!

I don't know about you, but I often need a little bit of happy in my Mondays to jumpstart my week. The Monday morning equation looks something like this:

[Happy+Coffee = Best version of Brittany]  = Tolerable person who might be approachable.
                    Weather Forecast

Here's today's Monday Mentionable! (Link to photograph website is at the bottom of the page. Image found on Pinterest.)


Happy Monday!

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How To: Christmas Red and Gold Stripe Nails

As a Canadian who has had Thanksgiving behind her for over a month, I am admittedly getting antsy for Christmas to get fully and celebratorily underway. As such, I thought I would add a little holiday glimmer to the blog to make those cuticles glisten - you know, along with the treetops...

You will want to set aside at least an hour to do this. Have your polish remover handy as well. If your base (gold) coat isn't completely dry, you'll likely rip off some of the colour.

Be sure to seal the polish with a clear coat of your choice. 

Left to Right.
1) Revlon Multicare Base and Top Coat.
2) Revlon Top Speed "Varnished".
3) L.A. Colors "Hot Blooded"
And there you have it! Easy Peasy. 

Welcome to Lipstick and Yarn! Style Post: Cowprint and Riding Boots

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Welcome to Lipstick and Yarn! I am thrilled to have you visit my little home on the internet. Before we get to the good stuff, there is a few things I want to say. 

To begin: A little about me!

My name is Brittany. I am currently a Graduate student studying the Interdisciplinary Humanities at a university in British Columbia, Canada. My family and dearly loved boyfriend are all in Ontario, Canada - which is where I grew up. I have a small addiction to shopping, and a less small addiction to crocheting. 

Those two favourite things of mine are also what inspired the blog's name. 

1)  Lipstick and Yarn is going to be a different sort of blog. While I intend to include fashion posts, crafty projects, and other inspirations, I have a confession to make: for the first while, I have no camera. 

In fact, in a pleading apology for the pixelated status of my photographs, here, I confess, wholeheartedly that I am constructing this blog armed with my circa 2009 white MacBook, Photoshop Elements, and the camera in my iPhone 4s. I am excited about the prospect of constructing an entire blogging world without the fancy schmultz. 

2)  At no point in this blog am I going to pretend to be anything close to a fashion superstar. Nor am I going to lie about my body. I am a size 9, 10, 11, or 12 depending on the store. I love food, and I hate the gym. 

I thrift most of my clothing. I make some very precise wardrobe investments where needed. I also promise to be completely honest about where pieces of my wardrobe came from, and what I paid for them, and, as an added bonus, I will do my very best to keep the links on posts up-to-date. (I also feel like I've hit the style jackpot, because I have an entire wardrobe to post through before I have to update anything!)

3)  There will be a lot of crochet/knitting/quilting posts. And they will likely happen from most to least in that order. I will try to post tutorials and/or patterns when I can. I am also willing to sell any of my work. You can contact me about prices, shipping, etc., by clicking the gmail icon to the right. 

4)  Please feel free "follow me" on any of the social networking sites. 
I have included with Lipstick and Yarn links to the Facebook Page, Twitter account, as well as my own personal Pinterest and Instagram accounts. 

And now the good stuff.

Style Post: Cowprint and Riding Boots

As Pinterest has been feeding me information that this winter's trend is a good pair of riding boots, I thought I would give you the low-down on the pair I picked out for myself. 

Leather pull-on riding boots. 129.99 (sale). Le Chateau

These came from Le Chateau and were purchased as a belated birthday gift from my dear boyfriend. 


The last pair of brown knee-high boots I owned came from Payless Shoes and they were wonderful. I wore them for nearly 6 years before they could no longer bear the snow and rain. By the time I threw them out (they were beyond donating), more than half the boot was rock solid from winter salts, and one of the soles had completely come out. R.I.P. boots. 

This winter, being in British Columbia: the land of endless rain, I decided it was time to invest in a pair of boots that would weather (pun intended) any amount of salt, snow, or rain dumped at them. I needed a pair that wasn't heeled (since I will be doing a lot of walking about campus) - I already own enough heeled boots. 

I am, admittedly, quite pleased with these. They are warm and comfortable and absolutely an wardrobe investment piece.

Of course, what you miss with the photos above is the ability to actually see my face. I'm a big fan of minimalist makeup, so it is only a bit of Covergirl foundation and Cheekers blush (in "Cinnamon") on my palette, and Maybelline Line Stylist "Onyx" eyeliner on half my lashline, and then a few coats of Covergirl Lashblast "Very Black". To finish it off, I put Covergirl's "All Heart" long-last lipstick, no liner.

Boots: Le Chateau.
Cowprint button-up blouse: Dynamite.
Leggings: Suzy Shier.
And there you have it. Complete with a dusty mirror, and the complete works of Shakespeare hiding on my bookshelf in the back.


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