Nail Tutorial - How to: Gold Tips and Flowers

Happy Black Friday, readers! I hope that those of you who are Americans enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday and took some time to rest before setting to the malls for some epic sales. I know that, in scouring the internet, there are mad awesome sales going on basically everywhere. Being in Canada, I feel a little privileged, knowing that your Black Friday madness has crept, to some extent, over to our side of the border. Shopping bliss.

Just, please, I beg you, be safe.

And so, today's post, completely unrelated to the Black Friday traditions (WORST SEGWAY EVER), involves doing your nails. This will take some time, so do make sure that you have some set aside where you will not bothered and can execute this tutorial smudge free.

And there you have it! 

Happy nail painting and shopping! 

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