Style Post: From my closet; Oxfords and Stripes

Happy Tuesday, readers!

First, I would like to thank you all for the overwhelming support and encouragement! It's been a fun couple of days getting the blog underway, and you have all been so wonderful! 

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These are my Oxfords. I love them dearly and don't wear them often enough (I have a small shoe obsession, so my closet treasures don't always get pulled out at every opportune moment, like Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean, I miss those moments. Every. Time.). Mostly I find that they can be hard to pull together in an outfit. 

You can't wear them with leggings, or else your Disney princess socks will be showcased underneath (boots are preferable).
You can't wear them with comfy boot-cut jeans because the heels just seem too fancy for the casual look.
You can't wear them with a work uniform because that's impractical.
You can't wear them in the summer with any outfit because your feet sweat and that's just gross. 

So I pulled them out and paired them with black leggings and a striped dress, tying the tones together with a brown leather belt. I then added a subtle splash of colour with a purple cardigan,

The result was a slightly monochromatic, but practical outfit. I am a graduate student, after all, so practicality is important for an academically geared wardrobe.

That being said, I am an English focus in my MA in Humanities, so owning a pair of Oxfords seemed literary, somehow. 

I am a huge believer in practical, comfortable fashion. I am an even bigger believer in saving some change where change can be saved. In this case, this entire outfit clinks with the sound of coins dropping into my piggy-bank. Additionally, none of these pieces were purchased after January of 2013, so the cost of the outfit is only the energy it took me to find these items in my closet and throw them together.


Here's the breakdown:
Oxfords: Payless Shoe Stores. Purchased these in 2011 for under 20$.
Tights: H&M. My favourite pair of black tights. $6 - sale.
Cardigan: Smart Set. Purchased 2010/11. Under $20.
Dress: Thrifed from the Salvation Army. $4.
Belt: Vintage (has Eaton's company stamp on back). Thrifted from Talize. $3.

What's in your closet that you can rework into something fun?

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