Welcome to Lipstick and Yarn! Style Post: Cowprint and Riding Boots

Welcome to Lipstick and Yarn! I am thrilled to have you visit my little home on the internet. Before we get to the good stuff, there is a few things I want to say. 

To begin: A little about me!

My name is Brittany. I am currently a Graduate student studying the Interdisciplinary Humanities at a university in British Columbia, Canada. My family and dearly loved boyfriend are all in Ontario, Canada - which is where I grew up. I have a small addiction to shopping, and a less small addiction to crocheting. 

Those two favourite things of mine are also what inspired the blog's name. 

1)  Lipstick and Yarn is going to be a different sort of blog. While I intend to include fashion posts, crafty projects, and other inspirations, I have a confession to make: for the first while, I have no camera. 

In fact, in a pleading apology for the pixelated status of my photographs, here, I confess, wholeheartedly that I am constructing this blog armed with my circa 2009 white MacBook, Photoshop Elements, and the camera in my iPhone 4s. I am excited about the prospect of constructing an entire blogging world without the fancy schmultz. 

2)  At no point in this blog am I going to pretend to be anything close to a fashion superstar. Nor am I going to lie about my body. I am a size 9, 10, 11, or 12 depending on the store. I love food, and I hate the gym. 

I thrift most of my clothing. I make some very precise wardrobe investments where needed. I also promise to be completely honest about where pieces of my wardrobe came from, and what I paid for them, and, as an added bonus, I will do my very best to keep the links on posts up-to-date. (I also feel like I've hit the style jackpot, because I have an entire wardrobe to post through before I have to update anything!)

3)  There will be a lot of crochet/knitting/quilting posts. And they will likely happen from most to least in that order. I will try to post tutorials and/or patterns when I can. I am also willing to sell any of my work. You can contact me about prices, shipping, etc., by clicking the gmail icon to the right. 

4)  Please feel free "follow me" on any of the social networking sites. 
I have included with Lipstick and Yarn links to the Facebook Page, Twitter account, as well as my own personal Pinterest and Instagram accounts. 

And now the good stuff.

Style Post: Cowprint and Riding Boots

As Pinterest has been feeding me information that this winter's trend is a good pair of riding boots, I thought I would give you the low-down on the pair I picked out for myself. 

Leather pull-on riding boots. 129.99 (sale). Le Chateau

These came from Le Chateau and were purchased as a belated birthday gift from my dear boyfriend. 


The last pair of brown knee-high boots I owned came from Payless Shoes and they were wonderful. I wore them for nearly 6 years before they could no longer bear the snow and rain. By the time I threw them out (they were beyond donating), more than half the boot was rock solid from winter salts, and one of the soles had completely come out. R.I.P. boots. 

This winter, being in British Columbia: the land of endless rain, I decided it was time to invest in a pair of boots that would weather (pun intended) any amount of salt, snow, or rain dumped at them. I needed a pair that wasn't heeled (since I will be doing a lot of walking about campus) - I already own enough heeled boots. 

I am, admittedly, quite pleased with these. They are warm and comfortable and absolutely an wardrobe investment piece.

Of course, what you miss with the photos above is the ability to actually see my face. I'm a big fan of minimalist makeup, so it is only a bit of Covergirl foundation and Cheekers blush (in "Cinnamon") on my palette, and Maybelline Line Stylist "Onyx" eyeliner on half my lashline, and then a few coats of Covergirl Lashblast "Very Black". To finish it off, I put Covergirl's "All Heart" long-last lipstick, no liner.

Boots: Le Chateau.
Cowprint button-up blouse: Dynamite.
Leggings: Suzy Shier.
And there you have it. Complete with a dusty mirror, and the complete works of Shakespeare hiding on my bookshelf in the back.

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