Brown Paper Packages

I have never been very good at wrapping Christmas gifts. 

Generally, when it comes to all things December, I am the one vomiting Christmas spirit all over the place. I start the music mid-November. I put the lights around my bedroom. I pray that the first snow will be as magical and as beautiful as it is in the movies. Last year, I gave a very detailed blog-entry on why snow is the best part of everything. 

I am one of those people everyone hates when it comes to the holidays.

Gotta shop fast? 
Don't get behind me. I love the busyness of the mall and saunter about taking it all in. Christmas is the best retail-therapy a girl can ask for. Plus, you get to buy all sorts of awesome things for people you love (or maybe don't love... I won't judge.).

Have a vendetta with the snow?
Ha. Get out of my life. Snow is magical. 

Gunna be the Grinch?
I'll go Will Ferrell as Elf on your 3 sizes to small heart. 

I may even National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation my house someday. 

About a week ago, I was standing in Michaels with my boyfriend, and we were discussing my abomidably large collection of yarn, when suddenly I turned, mid-sentence, and veered off towards the Christmas-ribbon. 

My brain did this:

Yarn = tying things.
Tying things = Christmas wrapping.
Christmas wrapping = presents.
Presents = brown paper packages tied up with string.

And then my brain did the Sound of Music song, and I was gone. 

The problem with me and wrapping paper is that I have about as much skill with that as a Vancouveran has driving in the snow. 


My gifts are always those ones that look like they have been wrapped by toddlers. Bunched wrapping paper is always shoved in the ends. One year, I completely miscalculated the gift to wrapping paper ratio and had a nice open square on the bottom of the gift where the paper wouldn't cover. 

So this year, I armed myself with brown paper, pretty ribbon, and Pinterest and took to the games. 

I think I did alright, but you guys can be the judge. 

I got about this far and thought, "It needs something."

So I proceeded to cut-out letters from some white paper, and use a tan coloured marker to make the tics around the letter. Obviously, the R is the initial of the person who will get the present. Pretty clever though, if I must say so myself (and Pinterest didn't even help me out..)

The ribbon, twine, and brown paper packaging came together quite nicely, I think. Here are the finished products. 

I'm considering renegging on that whole National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation house thing. These gifts are too cute to be wasted in a house like that. It may have to be a little more VonTrap family.

Christmas is, after all, one of my favourite things. It's a magical season.

Still, while I do believe that the true meaning of Christmas comes from the birth of Christ, I can't help but love all the festivities that go along with it....right down to the ugly Christmas sweaters, inappropriate leg-lamps, Christmas specials, and snow that silences cities.

And now I can wrap presents.

Thanks Pinterest.

By the way, how cool is it that my family gets to unwrap brown paper packages tied up with string!
These are the things of dreams.


  1. I actually like the way these look better than wrapping paper!

  2. They are beautiful, I also wrapped in brown paper this year. It drove me nuts because it was so much thicker than I'm used to, but they turned out amazing !

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks so much, Everyone! xx Merry Christmas!

  4. I'm so thankful that Rick and I made it onto your Christmas gift-list this year! (R&J!)

    1. HA! That's TRUE! You do have the same initials as those on the presents. :)

  5. Looks great! I wrapped with brown paper too! Loved it ... I used dollar store ornaments and doctored them up with some additional paint, and I also painted different scenes on them too. Also used pine cones and snippets of evergreen! It was so much fun :)

    ps - Merry Christmas and miss you! xo



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