The B Life: Crochet Diaries: The Contemporary Granny

Crochet Diaries: The Contemporary Granny

Of the two blankets I had intended on finishing and wrapping as gifts for Christmas this year, I have only managed to complete the one.

This (my own pattern), is the contemporary granny crocheted afghan that I designed and put together for my boyfriend's younger sister, based on a colour scheme that he chose for her.

Colour palette:
Craft Smart Chocolate Brown 
Craft Smart Navy Blue
Loops and Threads Rouge
Red Heart Beige
Red Heart Aran

Centre of squares patterned on the diagonal. 
Each row followed variation of: brown, beige, brown, blue. 

Size of afghan: approx 5.5 ft by 5 ft.

Awesome slippers peeking out at the bottom are just awesome. 

I am quite pleased with how it turned out, especially since I'd been working on it since the day after Canadian Thanksgiving.

It actually wasn't completely finished when I wrapped it... it still had some strings that hadn't been weaved in properly, yet. Regardless, the recipient loved it just the same. I tucked the rest of the strings in on Boxing Day whilst watching Planet Earth documentaries. I was still sporting a hefty food coma, so going out and battling the post-Christmas sales was NOT going to happen.

As always, send an email if you are looking to get a hold of the pattern or have any questions. Click the email link under my profile to the right. 

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  1. This is lovely!! I wish I knew how to crochet..



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