The B Life: Infinity Scarf Love

Infinity Scarf Love

Well, in keeping with the yarn part of this blog, I am thrilled to announce that I finally finished (amidst papers and packing for my trip home to Ontario) the crochet infinity scarf I have been working on since, well... let's just say I bought the yarn at on the weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving...and that was in October people!

Truthfully, I have probably taken apart this scarf over 5 times. I started with, what I thought, was a pretty foolproof pattern. But the wool was too thick, so I had to begin again.

This was the scarf I intended to make:

The pattern for the scarf comes from Olivia over at her blog, Hopeful Honey.  It was easy enough to figure out how to make the shells, but the yarn I had purchased was just too thick. The scarf was going to be waay too warm (yes, in this case, it is a bad thing). 

So, my next endeavour was this: 

This pattern came from KT and the Squid, over at her Crochet blog. 

But again, the wool was too thick. I did decide that I liked the alternating colours, though, and kept with that.

Finally I decided on a simple skip-stitch double-crochet pattern. This created enough holes in the scarf to allow in a decent amount of air, and to make the scarf less heavy, and more of a wear-this-inside kind of thing. I am much happier with the results, and I think the recipient will be too. 

et Voila! 

If you're interested in obtaining the pattern or colour skus, leave a comment, and I'll make sure to get them to you. 

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