Style Post: A Partridge in a Thrift-Tree

Apologies for the terrible title. I was trying to find some way to link this style post up with the Christmas season and the only thing I could come up with that could tie in the birds and thrifting was a bad play on words using 12 Days of Christmas.

SW Ontario is getting pelleted with an ice storm right now... get it, because freezing rain and ice pellets... Oh the puns! I should stop before I find myself on a slippery slope....

Yes, I know. That was just as terrible. Let me save you the trouble...



I decided to take advantage of the slightly warmer weather this afternoon and get some photos in of my mostly thrifted outfit.

I say mostly thrifted because you would not catch me buying tights from a second-hand store no matter what the brand. It's up there on the don't-you-dare-thrift-me list along with scivvies and socks. Why anyone would thrift another person's scivvies is beyond me, but you can never be too sure about these sorts of things.

While this outfit, as a whole, didn't take me long to throw together and seems relatively simple, I want to bring your attention to the lovely shirt with the birds on it.

That shirt is Zara brand. I paid $6.99 plus tax at Talize for it. The regular retail price for that blouse brand new would not be less that $60.00. 1/10th the price and good as new.. that is the power of thrifting. Plus, it has adorable little birds (no, they aren't partridges, but give me my terrible wordplay, please) and is pretty much perfect for those family Christmas parties everyone loves (read mentally-prepares for) each year. It's flowy, and has enough room to hide the food-pregnancy EVERYONE will have over the holidays.

And you know what? Don't fight the food baby. Rosy cheeks and full stomachs are a sign of good health and joy. So I say be healthy and joyful and eat your weight in turkey or stuffing or brandy-beans. If I can get away with terrible wordplay on the internet, you can get away with holiday cheer.

You know what? Go ahead. 12 Days of Christmas your life up. I will be right there alongside you. Thrift yourself something nice. Spread some cheer and eat it too. That is, after all, why they invented stretchy-pants, am I right?

.... And a Partridge in a Thrift Tree!!

boots: Sterling (2010), $75.00
leggings: Suzy Shier, $7.00
tanktop: Smart Set, $10.00
blouse: Zara, thrifted @Talize
cardigan: DKNY, thrifted @Talize
purse: vintage, thrifted @Talize


  1. Very Nice Puns, and liked the fresh ideas about being thrift with class.

  2. Your mostly thrifted outfit looks awesome Brittany! Love those shops myself!! Enjoy your time in Langley!
    Joanne Frankruyter ( Millson)



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