Surviving Ontario Winters: American Eagle Boot Socks

Canadian winters are cold. Now that old man Winter has pretty much set his wrath upon most of the nation (my landlords sent me a picture of the snow in Langley, and I have to honestly admit that they have more snow than I do in SW Ontario, currently), I couldn't help but talk my wonderful boyfriend into buying me a 2pack of warm boot socks from American Eagle Outfitters while at the mall last night.


These have to be, without competition, the BEST pair of warm socks I have ever owned.

2pk AE mens boot socks. $13.99 CAD

AE also has some spectacular online sales right now, so head over to their website and make sure you get in on them. 40% off everything and FREE SHIPPING!

It may be quite possible that, before the sale is up, I will invest in some new jegging/pants (I actually only ever purchase my jeans/jeggings from AE, so this monster sale is actually fantastic...)

Corduroy Jeggings. $42.98 CAD

 While I may have grown out of some of AE's sweatshirts and campus style clothing when I finished my undergrad (you just gotta have some class when you get into your grad studies...), I have always found that AE pants fit my unapologetically curvy lower half, and that is something I have always appreciated about this brand. I have never felt that way about Old Navy's pants (whereas, I love their cardigans and accessories), and just can't fit into Dynamite's pants (but they make my favourite dresses).

Ah, well. To each their own, I guess.

Now my feet are winter ready, and baby oh baby let it snow.

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