Building Basics: The Olive Jegging

Jeggings: American Eagle, $39.99 CAD

Welcome to another instalment of 'Building Basics'! 

Today, I have put together a quick collection of outfit possibilities as they relate to the ever-so-awkward-to-match olive coloured jegging.

Olive green is an awkward colour. It is nestled right in the middle of those earth tones, and so presents a bit of a problem for the adventurous person trying to match it up with the jewel or pastels. Even though it took me years to figure out that 'all of the other reindeer' was not, in fact, 'Olive the other reindeer' (you can see how I would get confused) I have, luckily, figured out that olive green and pastel bably blue do not match - regardless of what Mother Nature would say on the matter. 

So here we are. Outfit One.

Pink blouse: Dynamite
Vintage leather boots: Eaton's Company, thrifted.

This outfit is for the person who is not afraid of a little colour. The pink is an interesting off-set from the green (since pink is in the realm of hues sitting across from green on the colour wheel). The outfit works because the olive green in the flowers of the blouse is close enough to the pants that it looks colour-coordinated without crossing over into the mother-ruled land of Matchy-Matchy. The leather boots are black, offering a nice break for the eye.

Outfit Two.

Black Tank: Banana Republic, thrifted
Brown Leather Ankle Boots: Dexter, thrifted
When you aren't looking for a bright pink shirt to liven up your life, you can never go wrong with a simple black tank or tee. I would suggest finding something with a little detailing to keep interest. Black is a good colour for this because this all-hailed-shadow tone slims you down. Black also enables you to play with the type of sweater or cardigan you might want to put over it. My suggestions? White, Gray, or for a real splash of awesome:

Outfit Three.

Rust T-Shirt: Mexx, thrifted
Suit Jacket: H&M, thrifted
Flats: Steve Madden, Winners
If you want to be able to pull of this outfit, you have to off-set it with a neutral. The black jacket was a thrift find at either Talize or Value Village, and has become a staple for me as a MA student doing tons of presentations. The flats and shirt are almost a perfect match for each other, which is great, because pulling this bright colour off against the olive in the jeggings means bringing it through consistently in the outfit. I'm not usually a fan of shoes matching the shirt (it is a little too 1945 for me, sometimes), but in order to make the green pop, the opposing rusty-orange acts as the back-drop colour. I also love that the gray in the jacket lining matches the silver detailing on the Maddens. 

Which is your favourite?

Do you have any 'problem' peices in your wardrobe that need a Building Basics tutorial?

And most importantly: 

Did you know that it was 'all of the other reindeer' and not 'Olive the other reindeer'? (Or am I the only kid who mixed these sorts of things up as a kid?)

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  1. I love these outfit combos! I think I like 1 the best though :) I have a problem wearing shorts in a stylish way...i usually end up choosing capris or a sundress because I think shorts look "frumpy" on me...

    1. Ah! Such a good idea! I will definitely do a post on shorts when the arcticland warms a little. Is there a specific style you want a post on? Let me know and I will start scouring! :)



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