The B Life: Crochet Diaries: Beanie in Oatmeal

Crochet Diaries: Beanie in Oatmeal

Hats are a staple for any yarn-loving DIYer to have in their 'I can totally do this' repetoire. In the vast lands of knitting and crocheting, there are a lot of really awkward looking yarn hats...ranging from the 1970s 'unisex' crochet hat:


to the Clueless barret/beanie worn in its many incarnations throughout the movie:


Luckily for yarn-a-holics everywhere, Hipsters and Canadians alike have made homemade beanies and toques (pronounced too-k) cool again. Though, I suspect the flower band might not make the same comeback..

Thus, I obviously had to jump on board and create my own hipster-beanie using a skein of Red-Heart's Oatmeal yarn. 

Red Heart's Oatmeal yarn turned out to be the perfect choice for this hat, and it is so warm! 

The stitching on the band is just a single crochet, pulled only through the front half of the stitch as to give it the knitted look. The top part of the beanie is made by a puff stitch, a tutorial for which can be found here. Once I finished about 20 rows or so of the puff, I simply cross-connected the top to give it the bunched look at the back. Adding a few buttons was the perfect touch.

The beanie was actually a gift for my best friend, Maria, who was gracious enough to model it so that I could take some pictures to share. 

Isn't she lovely? She was the perfect model - with those old books, leather gloves, gorgeous curls, and set against a backdrop of the most delightful snow!

Downtown Hamiton, Ontario is such a wonderfully vintage place to show off our smiles and handmade things. Thank goodness that crocheted pieces took a turn back to 1910. I really hope we are able to leave those horrendous 90s head-coverings behind.

In the meantime, we're all big smiles, handmade gifts, and old houses. It's a vintage-y life for me.


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