Nail-Polish Picks: January Edition

Welcome to my new monthly blog-o-shout-out: Polish-Picks. Well, nail-polish picks, really. I had a hard time justifying calling it simply 'Polish-Picks' because that might sound like I was ranking my favourite Polish things. And for any of you who watch The Big Bang Theory, I was risking a re-enactment of this gem of a scene:

So, Nail-polish Picks it is. 

I'm going to give the shortlist of this month's contenders, and then I shall go through and give you a short pro/con list for each of them.

1. Essie's 'Plumberry'
2. ACO's 'Mint Cream'
3. Essie's 'Mind your Mittens'
4. Covergirl Outlast's 'Crushed Berries'
5. Covergirl Outlast's 'Non-stop Stone'

#1: Essie's Plumberry

In 2013, I finally jumped on the Essie bandwagon. I was curious to see what the fuss was about, but it took me a long time to find the courage and justification for spending $8.99 CAD on nail polish. But here's the thing. Essie does not disappoint. Some nail polishes take a little bit of patience and practice to get on the right way; they require a more-than-steady hand to keep from going into the finger creases and making a mess (which usually comes off in the shower the next morning anyways, but I digress). Essie is not like that at all. It goes on smooth and dries quickly, and this is why so many people like it. Their colours are also numerous and diverse. This bright pink makes the cut because, well, look at it! Winter drearies can go away. 

2. ACO's Mint Cream

This nail-polish is Ardene brand. It isn't the best polish in the world, but with a careful clear topcoat to seal, you should be just fine. I love the mint-chocolate-chip inspired green that, while to some may remind them of a crisp spring day, to me just screams of wintertime. 

3. Essie's Mind your Mittens

Hands down, this one is a favourite. Since I have already done my job in proclaiming why I love Essie, I should just sum this up by pointing out that this navy is so navy that it is almost black and that makes it wonderful. It may also be the colour of frost-bite. Hence one needs to mind their mittens...or your fingers will look like that...but not because of the polish. Or the Polish. Ha.

4. Covergirl's Crushed Berries

This magenta-esque polish is awesome. In fact, I have to give Covergirl some props for successfully creating a nail-polish line to rival the ever-popular Essie. While most people will reach for the OPI line of nail-polishes as an alternative, I'm going for Covergirl. The Outlast line is actually incredible. It dries as quickly as Essie polishes, and goes on SMOOTHER! It's also $2 cheaper, which is always a nice bonus. 

5. Covergirl's Non-Stop Stone

This is one of my favourite neutrals for winter. Period. Again, since I've already done my raving about Covergirl, I'm just going to leave it there. 

Perhaps I should consider doing a compare between Essie and Covergirl polishes. Future blog post noted. 

In the meantime, grammar matters. Make sure you get your polishes straight. 

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  1. I am a big nail fan (trys not to sound like i have a nail fetish lol) but I love colours 4 & 5 there gorgeous for this time of year.x

  2. Laura,

    I LOVE those two CG colours. They are so versatile because they match with basically anything! Thanks for stopping in! xx



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