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Hey guys!

Sorry for the radio-silence on the blog this week. My schedule on Wednesdays and Thursdays this semester doesn't really allow me a whole lot of time on those two days to focus on getting up posts. Luckily, I happen to have Fridays off (and by 'off', I mean that I don't have to be at the University, and instead get to read countless pages of literary theory and history in the comfort of my own chair...). 

Today's post came to me as I was shaking out my jewelry bag this morning trying to find a matching pair of earrings. It's a common problem for me. I don't have the will-power to try and organize all of my  stud earrings on one of those fancy-pants earring organizers, so, once upon a yesteryear, I started throwing all my earrings in a small shear bag that pulls tight at the top. It was designed to hold jewelry, so I thought, ah, what they heck.

However, I have the classic problem of losing earrings. Just as dryer gnomes seem to take one of each matching pair of socks (leaving me with virtually no matches), so the vanity gnomes steal single earrings. The result has been my increasingly steady dependence on el-Cheapo bulk-buy earrings from women's clothing stores in the mall.

The good news is, though, that el-Cheapos are actually, slowly, becoming constructed to be more durable, and if you're willing to part from the pre-teen (albeit inexpensive) Ardene's world, there are some lovely finds which can absolutely be added to accommodate many of your daily accessory needs. And if you're like me, losing earrings to the gnomes on a weekly basis, el-Cheapo alternatives may be just what you need!

1. teal butterfly studs // 7 pack assorted. $8.99 CAD. Suzy Shier

2. inch-wide pink flower studs // 5 pack assorted. $4.00 CAD, sale price. Dynamite.

3. art-deco swirl stone studs // 2 pack (blue also). $2.00 CAD, sale. Suzy Shier.

4. cluster pearl high-back studs // 7 pack assorted. $7.99 CAD. Suzy Shier

5. metal-based inch wide faded teal flower studs // 7 pack assorted. $7.99 CAD. Suzy Shier

The last two are actually from the same assorted pack of earrings which I purchased from Suzy over the holidays. They were blowing out their end of season accessories to make way for 2014 styles. Which means that el-Cheapo was el-Cheapest!

Which is your favourite?

Do you have earring gnomes, too?

Thanks for stopping by!

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