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Happy Sunday, Readers!

I'm actually writing this post quite late on Saturday evening (late enough that it is actually Sunday, and the Maritime snowplowers have already probably begun their morning routes). I have to brag, today in BC land it was a solid 10 degrees celcius, sunny, and feeling like spring is around the corner. 

In Ontarioland, it is -26 degrees celcius, snowing, and feeling like winter will never end.

Today I might have fallen in love with BC.

... Until it starts raining again. Then I'll be back to longing for my hometown and seasons. 

You might recognize this dress from an Instagram post of mine circa summer 2013. I was standing in the dressing room of The Gap yaying or naying at this blue and white striped sundress. It was end of season, there was one left in the whole store, and it just happened to be my size. 

I just wasn't sure if I loved it. 

Instagramers are honest. If they like something, they'll tell you. If they don't, they will tell you that too.

The dress (summer version, pictured below) is a v-neck cut, with 2 inch thick straps. I legitimately couldn't decide if I liked the neckline. I always fear that v-necks are just a tad too revealing, and, if/when worn loosely, there's the chance they make me look a little frumpy.

Obviously, the dress was added to my wardrobe (Nick liked it on me, and so it got worn for a subsequent date).

However, after moving to BC, I discovered something spectacular about this dress.

It has pockets.

And I suddenly felt as though I had a whole new and exciting item of clothing in my wardrobe.

Have you ever had that? The moment of sheer astonishment when you realize that the piece of clothing you've had the ficklest relationship with has transformed itself from being on the 'meh' list to the 'holy crap I love you more than sugar' list?

That happened.

And it was a good day.

Now these photos, I do realize, do not show you the pockets of the dress, I do assure you they are there. 

Being awesome.

So, because they are awesome, I was clearly going to pull out that spring dress for that spring weather.

Because pockets are cool. 

And spring weather in January is great. 

dress // the gap
cardigan // suzy shier
belt // thrifted
tights // suzy shier
boots // le chateau
scarf // clothing swap

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  1. Dresses, cardigans, etc. are all just thaaat much better with pockets. You just can't compete with having somewhere to put your hands. I feel you on that!

    Loving those tights!



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