The B Life: February 2014

The Crochet Diaries: Chevron it up!

I've been commissioned (read: asked nicely) to make a couple afghans. One for my teenage cousin's room, and another for the family room. My aunt gave me colour schemes for both blankets - which was great because I didn't have to come up with it on my own.

The first of the two (the chevron crochet blanket) was to have this scheme:

Top to bottom: black, light grey, dark grey, white, mulberry.

I've already completed a fair amount, and am quite pleased with how the colour scheme is coming together. 

Yes, the 'mulberry' isn't quite the same tone of purple that the pantone swatches suggested, but I think I like the richness of this one much better.

Chevron is such a stylish pattern right now, and this crocheted blanket is actually quite simple. I'm considering making something similar for myself once I have finished all my current academic and creative endeavours.

So, probably never. But I can dream.

Incidentally, this is my crochet project list so far this year:
- 1 Chevron blanket for my aunt
- 1 classic granny for my aunt
- 1 circle granny for my engaged friend
- 2 beanies for classmates
- Finish circle afghan for my sister
- 1 Winners inspired colour blocked crochet blanket for my boyfriend's mom
- 1 plaid crochet blanket for my boyfriend's brother

It's going to be a busy year!

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