Blog-Hop: My Skin Care Routine

I belong to a group of avid beauty/fashion/lifestyle bloggers who have come up with the idea of doing a monthly blog hop that would incorporate various topics that the bloggers are passionate about. The hope is that we can share with each of you our own regiments when it comes to beauty, etc.

And so, without delay, February's Blog Hop!

Okay, before I begin, quick disclaimer: I do not have perfect skin. In fact, I don't think anyone actually has perfect skin. Every lady has something about their complexion that they dislike, whether it be that they are too pale, have overly rosy cheeks, have acne or oily skin, or dry skin. In all honesty, and depending on the season, I will have all of those problems. And that's okay.

To begin - a mugshot of me with nothing more than mascara on my lashes, and some pink stain on my lips.

My skincare rountine involves two things: everyday products and general skincare, and lifestyle.

Let's start with the basics.

Everyday skincare and products

My daily routine is pretty simple. Get up, shower, get dressed, put on makeup, eat breakfast, and dash off to campus for various academic related activities. Weekdays can be busy, and I spend a lot of time walking from place to place, meaning that my skin gets a pretty good beating. Since hitting my 20s, my skin has become less hormonal and unpredictable, so that other than for a few days every four weeks, it is consistently oily and dry in the same places. Because of this, I am able to keep my skincare routine as simple as possible, only using items that are for combination skin (because that is what I have).

If you don't know what your skin type is, click the link below to find out. It's a useful little quiz from Fitness Magazine that will help you so that you don't buy the wrong product!

I have my product-related skincare separated into two sections: face vs body.


1// Clean&Clear deep action cream cleanser.
2 // Neutrogena Oil-Free moisture face cream (for sensitive skin)
3 // Neutrogena all-in-one makeup removing and cleansing wipes.

In the Morning:
Typically, while in the shower, I use this cleanser alongside the heat from the actual shower itself to clean my skin after a night of sleep, and to wake it up. The Clean&Clear cleanser is oil free, which is great because my face doesn't need any more oil - it has more than enough of that to go around. It also tingles a bit, which is great, because my skin feels totally alive after my shower!

Within 5 minutes of getting out of the shower, I apply my facial moisturizer. You want to do this before the pores in your face shrink again because it ensures the moisture will get in deep and keep your skin looking fresh all day. I love the Neutrogena sensitive skin formula, because it is very gentle on my combination skin - it is oil free and moisture rich. It is also a step towards keeping my skin looking good when I no longer have versatile mid-20 yr old skin. 

In the Evening:
Easy peasy: take off the grime and makeup of the day using the makeup remover and cleanser wipes. These have a bit of texture to them, so I know they are getting everything out. After that, I put some moisturizer on my face before crawling into bed. DONE!


1 // Dove gentle exfoliating body wash/scrub.
2 // Vaseline extra-strength intensive rescue.

For my all-over skincare, I simply make sure that I use a body-wash with exfoliants when I shower in the morning. Dove is great because it moisturizes and rubs away any nasty dead skin. My skin is soo soft every morning when I come out of the shower. After that, I lather on some of the Vaseline moisturizer before assuming my wardrobe, and I am good to go for the day. So, so simple.

Lifestyle Skincare

This is the flip side of skincare that everyone forgets about. While moisturizing, and cleansing is important, you cannot forget these important steps to better skin.

1. Drink Water
I carry a bottle of lemon-infused water with me all the time. It's a huge energy booster, and the citrus and H20 remove toxins from your system, keeping your skin alive. No matter what skin type you are, you need water. 

2. Exercise
Exercise is one of those things that we have made an event out of in our culture. Since the blog-hop was discussed in early January, I have made a point to get moving and see if that has made a difference. It totally has. I get about 40 minutes in each day - it isn't cardio, I have simply taken the 20 minute walk over the highway overpass to and from the bus stop when I am headed to school. Since I am at the campus 3-4 days per week, the exercise adds up. Two full hours a week is a great start!

3. Wash your bedding
Not kidding. Bedding retains a lot of the dirt and grime that comes off your body - including dry skin and lost strands of hair. Wash your bedding regularly so that you can be sure your skin resting in a nice clean environment. I wash mine every week. 

4. Cut back on Caffiene
Coffee, tea, or energy drinks: these dry your skin out because they dehydrate you. If you're like me, and you have to drink coffee, drink smaller portions and top up with water afterwards to avoid dehydration. 

5. Eat Healthy
By healthy I don't mean start a new diet. If you are on special dietary restrictions, obviously heed those. But, your skin actually needs the nutrients in all types of foods - grains, proteins, sugars, fibre, and sodium. The key is moderation - don't overindulge on one type of food because this will get you into in food-purgatory. Eat substantial breakfasts and get your proteins and sugars in. I typically eat a fried (non greased) or boiled egg with avocado, cheese, and onion on a peice of toasted homemade bread. This ends up being my heaviest meal of the day, since everything that follows is reheated portion sized roasted veggies, homemade baked goods, and nutrient rich salad. I don't even crave store-bought junk food anymore because the processed sugars and fats have been taken out of my diet. Also, because I've been getting the proper nutrition, my skin has improved so much! 

Healthy Dinner: chicken-bacon lasagna (alfredo sauce homemade) with strawberry, avocado, walnut salad.

6. Wash your make-up brushes
It makes all the difference when months of old makeup isn't clogging up your brushes. I try and wash mine each week.

7. Sleep!
8 hours of sleep is important so that your skin can be rested. You look haggered when you don't have enough sleep because there is stress on your skin, so get your beauty rest and develop a regular sleep schedule and stick to it. Every post-grad has a hard time getting themself into a normal sleep pattern, but do it. Head to bed at 11:30pm, and get up at 8am. You and your skin will be refreshed.

8. Flowers. 
You don't need an entire indoor garden, but keep fresh flowers that grow in potted holders. Not only to they look good, but they help to keep the air fresh in your home/apartment during those dreary winter months when you can't open the window. Fresh, non-stale oxygen is important for your skin, and plants are the oxygen producers! I keep a potted plant in my room all winter-long to help keep my skin (and mood) happy.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Skincare (like everything else) is a lifestyle and, in my experience, cannot be solved by any one magic product. So stay healthy, get your sleep, and your skin will love you for it!

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  1. I love that dove body wash too, I really like it before I use self tanner, and the lasagna looks delicious!

    1. AH! SAME! I didn't include the self tanner on the hop because it isn't really a skincare product, but man oh man is that bodywash a great way to get off all the dead skin! Thanks for stopping by! xx

  2. Hey great post! I like how you included lifestyle skincare! Drinking water is important! So is cleaning those makeup brushes!!!

    1. I have been finding that, in the last month, even though my product regiment has changed, my skin has improved for those lifestyle reasons. We forget how badly our body needs water, eh?

  3. I love the Neutrogena makeup's a staple for me, especially on my lazy days!

    1. They are so great! I hate cotton swabs and makeup pads, so those are just perfect for me! I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one! xx

  4. I love it! You took it past just the products you use and I think you did a great job!! So many people forget about bedding being a big part of skin care!

    1. Thanks! I actually can't get over how much of a difference it makes washing your sheets and pillowcases frequently. I started getting into the habit of it when I finished my undergrad, and the difference it has made for my skin is crazy. xx

  5. Great post & awesome, super important, tips! I Love those Neutrogena wipes too! Have you tried the night calming ones? That's what I use and I love the smell!

    1. I haven't, actually. I'm always skeptical about putting fragrance on my face because I have had some terrible experiences with it in the past. I had an intense allergic reaction to fragranced moisturizer when I was a teenager, and so all my face products have been scent free ever since.

  6. I love how you included a bare-faced selfie. I think it will inspire others to do the same, and many are afraid to do so. I've also been dying to buy some fresh flowers for my room, and now I have an excuse to!

    1. I definitely think its important for people to see what skin looks like makeup-free. And buy those flowers! You won't regret it! xx

  7. GREAT tips! I think that lifestyle has a bigger impact on your skin then products :)

  8. I LOVE how you included non cosmetic items that help boost your skin's health! Great tips that need to be followed for sure! I love Neutorgena, Dove, and Clean and Clear; all really great Drug Store brands at a great price, but does a great job! :)



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