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Such a direct and purposed instruction.

There'e a brilliant essay by J.R.R. Tolkien called "On Stories" in which he discusses (keeping in mind his Catholic worldview) that human beings create because they were first created, and that the desire to, in effect, "subcreate" is innate to every man (man actually being a plural gender-inclusive article here).

Have you ever thought about why you have such a compelling drive within you to make [things]? Be they stories, quilts, blog posts, outfits, buildings, music, or mathematical formulas, once Maslow's first stage of the hieracrchy of needs has been appeased (food, shelter, water, fire, sex), human beings create. 

Perhaps Tolkien's view is nothing more than a theological explanation used to marry Platonic forms to modern man, but if you're willing to open yourself to the possibility, it's implications are astounding.

It means that, if you subscribe to a God-created universe, that along with giving humans life and breath, He also gave them the ability to be sub-creators; in effect, to be sub-gods. Tolkien suggests that the fulfillment of this ability is actually worshipful, because creating connects us to something apart from ourselves. 

I'll say that again.

Creating connects us to something apart from ourselves. 

Even if you don't subscribe to a theocentric worldview, there is intense ramifications of that statement. 
Think about why you create. Do you create for yourself? Do you create for others? Do you create for recreational purposes (which, has the word create in it..)? In all these instances, creativity is an application of human existence that pulls you away from the real. It gives you a chance to explore your heart, your desires, your humanity, your purpose. But all of these things are able to be answered because creativity fundamentally requires your interaction with external offices. It requires you to grapple with yourself as a part of a whole that is not centred around you, but in which you are merely a part. 

In the secular world, the doctrine of individuality reigns, and so each and every person's creativity is something which manifests itself as a product of the individual. But individuality is identitified only as a response to the cumulative whole. Creation, therefore, becomes objective personification of the imaginary in a world dictated by the need of the individual to find his or herself. You grapple with yourself in a world in which you are simply a part, and not the only part.

And in your creation, you pour those parts of yourself which you understand to be. Through your creativity, you discover your purpose - something which is encouraged in both theological and secular circles.

So, go...


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