Picks of Pinterest

Thanks for stopping in! These are some of my favourite pins from this past week:

                                This fabulous reminder that kindness doesn't cost anything...

This beautiful photo of summer roses...

Vintage shoes (which need no other explanation)...


                                                        This amazing painting.....

These totally rad crocheted pillow covers...
I refuse to call this Friday Fives or Friday Favs, and essentially I spent the entire day cleaning and baking and didn't have the time to look cute or take outfit posts, so instead you get my Picks of Pinterest today. Cop out? Absolutely. Do I care? Probably less than I should. 

Essentially, I just wanted to share these wonderful photos and words with you. Pinterest is truly a great place to find inspiration. 

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  1. I'm addicted to Pinterest! What's your username?! I love the pics you selected, they're happy and lighthearted :)



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