Style Post: Oh, how hipster [of me]

For all the crocheting I do, I rarely make myself anything. When I first started out, I made myself a very clumsy looking blanket. I have no affection towards it, other than it reminds me of how to do a pearl stitch. I never even bothered to tuck in the strings. 

So, on Sunday evening, I sat down with my crochet hook and a super soft ball of cream coloured wool I received as a gift for Christmas from Maria (my beloved friend who was featured in this post) and made myself a hat. I had reached a point of academic disdain over my history readings and needed something mind-numbing to pass the time. 

Luckily, beanies aren't difficult to make. This one took me a little over 2 hours (which I know because I got through 1 episode of New Girl and a Rom-Com). I also knew that the weather was going to dip down a bit in the GVA this week, and so having a hat to wear along with the cooler temperatures was going to be just dandy.


I am NOT a hat person.

I repeat. I am NOT a hat person. 

Hats have never looked good on my head without serious amounts of attention paid to the state of my hair; and, as seen in this post from a few weeks ago, the BC weather is not conducive to keeping my locks in an agreeable state. There's also the problem of "properly styling" a handmade beanie. Do you wear it with jeans? Do they have to be coloured? Does this mean I have to become a pre-Taylor Swift conversion to pop/indie meets Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" genre of human? 

Sometimes (read: more often than not) knitted and crocheted beanies remind me of central Canadian hipters. Take a walk down any of the older Hamilton, ON streets, and it will be hard not to pass a bright skinny jeaned, beanie wearing Millennial who is decked out, head to toe, in Forever 21 meets H&M meets vintage meets homemade. And they are all bundled up in their post-everything, almost pretentious, borderline romanticist attitudes. 

Herein lies the marrow of the struggle: must I become the epitome of hipster to wear my own creation edifiably?? 

Do I have to hipsterize myself?! 

The answer? Heck no! 

I was therefore going to undermind the hipsterness of the hipsters and trenchcoat the crap out of my coloured skinnies, leather boots, and handmade beanie. 

And so: behold my favourite trenchcoat. I picked this baby up on the sale rack from SmartSet circa 2007 (not kidding, I hadn't even started my undergrad yet), and have been faithfully incorporating it into my wardrobe each season since. The coat, though it has seen better days, has a vintage-y 60s flare (literally) that, for me, called back to before the time of the hippie: before peace, love, rock'n'roll, and before Millennials claimed style copyright on the beanies.

So, while I may not be a fan of hipsterizing myself and I may not be sure if 'hipster' is even really a thing (pretty sure it used to refer to a style of underwear... just like 'sick' used to mean ill, and...), I am counter-culturaling the counter-culturers with my old trenchcoat and my determination. It's very, nearly, almost post-hipster of me...


Boots // Le Chateau
Pants // Stitches
Shirt // RW&Co
Scarf // Reitmans
Trench // SmartSet
Beanie // Handmade, Bernat wool

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