Thrift Week (Day 3): My "Crack in the Wall" Print Gap Dress

Continuing on with my week of thrift (made possible solely by the fact that I am currently on reading break), I present to you my upcycled "crack in the wall" slouchy Gap dress. I have very little to say about this dress because I feel that it speaks for itself. This dress is classy, flowy, and will transfer really well into spring and summer. It has the capacity to be dressed up, or down, worn over a bathing suit, and matched with shoes that wouldn't normally match. 

Onto the term "crack in the wall." I actually have no idea what this type of print is called, so I have thus coined my own term for it. I call it "crack in the wall", because it reminds me of the opening episode of Series 5 of Doctor Who. This is the episode where The Doctor meets Amy. This is the episode where they come across the crack in the wall. This is the print of that crack. 


I put this dress on and I feel like I am wearing the universe as it fractures apart. And I hope that maybe, maybe, Twelve will realize the problem wasn't solved, leave Clara in England, and come to take me for an adventure across space and time in his blue box. This dress would become my signature, I'd have a Doctor Who inspired cocktail named after me, and I'd be the first Canadian girl to be a companion. Not only that, but I'd get to help save the galaxies AND look amazing doing it! 

Hear that BBC? I've got it all figured out. I will be expecting your agent to contact my agent.... 

Okay, a girl can dream. That being the case, those dreams might as well involve a madman with a box to match her "crack in the wall" dress. 

Dress // Gap, thrifted (Talize)
Cardigan // Smart Set (from my closet)
Tights // Suzy Shier
Shoes // AE, thrifted (Talize)
Belt // n/a (from my closet)

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  1. Amazing outfit!! That dress is perfect and I love its versatility! Great find! I also love the pop of color from the shoes :)

  2. I LOVE Doctor Who! I'm glad to know there's a fellow Whovian in my midst! <3 And your outfit is totally cute! It's getting ready for spring, but still warm enough and in darker colors for winter; great combo!



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