Thrift Week (Day 4): Boho Beauty

This adorable little shirt-dress is a boho-beauty's dream. The embroidery and lace detailing around the neck and on the bottom are a perfect touch to this soft, black piece.

I should be clear. I bought this from Talize with the intention of using it as a bathing-suit cover in the summertime, knowing full well that the length would be too short to pull off as a dress, and too long to wear with shorts without awkward butt bulk. By the looks of it, if I desire to wear this with anything besides my swimwear, I am going to have to find some 3/4 length coloured jeggings/leggings. Bloomers just won't do. 

Today, however, I styled it with a headband, unstyled hair (because that is the epitome of boho, amiright?), and greyish leggings, and my favourite waist-worthy leather vintage belt. I feel as though I should be relaxing on the California coastline, hanging out with the gang on the OC (okay, really only Seth and/or Summer, every other character was just angsty and whiney), sipping a daquari from my beach chair... Ah, the life. I can taste the salty air.

Oh wait, that's just my landlords cooking...

The dress was made by LovelyGirl - a Vancouver based indie designer. Their clothing is sold in select boutiques across Canada (sorry, USA), and not available online unless you have a customer login (reserved, from what I've gathered, for wholesalers and shop owners). This actually means that, if I ever decided to purchase anything by this company again - and I definitely would! - I would have to find one of these obscure boutiques and hope I find something splendid.

Or.... I can thrift. 

Boho attitude suits me a little. All I need is a guitar and I can start rockin' out to my new theme song.


Dress // LovelyGirl, thrifted
Leggings // Suzy 
Boots // Le Chateau
Belt // Vintage, thrifted

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  1. Totally adorable and chic! I love how your headband wrap seems to perfectly match the flowers and design on your dress. This is totally a flower-child outfit; way to go! :)

    1. Thanks! I feel like I don't Boho it enough in my life, but I was definitely all flower-power around the age of 10 when everyone went out as hippies for Halloween because That 70s Show aired. Oh, 90s. I miss it.



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