Thrift Week (Day 1): Leopards

I have a ton of thrifted clothes that have great stories. Sometimes, rather unashamedly, I find those cute peices needing repairs and I become that annoying customer talking the cashier down on the price. Sometimes I find shoes or boots that are actually vintage and the store just has no idea (see THIS post from my former blog on a wonderful pair of suede booties I added to my collection last winter). But this dress? Oh baby. This rue 21 dress was the object of every cashier's desire; and they were not afraid to tell me that at the checkout.

Rue 21, from what I can gather, is a glorified Forever 21 meets Bluenotes type store. Their clothing is priced inexpensively - I'm guessing this would have retailed for around 24.99 USD - and judging by their website, their product is geared towards late-teens who aren't quite adventurous enough to go full-out H&M. I also expect that, because the brand is a USA original (we don't have this store in Canada), the Talize pricing people weren't entirely sure what to do with it. So they stuck a $9.99 CAD price tag on it and hung it up near the front of the store - where they display what they think is originaly expensive or vintage - and there it sat for no longer than 4 hours just taunting the female staff who aren't allowed to try on/purchase items until their shift is over.

It was on this day that my Mom, sister, and I embarked on girls' day of thrifting. Of course, their front-of-the-store gimmick worked on me, and I was very quick to grab this dress, thinking the brand might be something exciting (and loving the print, regardless).

Obviously, when I tried the dress on, I loved it. My sister was on the fence about it, and my Mom thought it suited my personality (I have to agree with her there). Even though it was missing a few of the little gold sequins on the collar, I didn't feel that was a justifiable reason to pass it up.

So, when I got to the cash-register to pay (showing them my student card and getting another 10% off my purchase), the cashier just stared at me.

Then she stared at the dress.

Then she stared at me, again.

Then, she sighed, rang the dress through, and pouted, "Man. I knew this dress wouldn't be there when I got off shift." She proceeded to give me a list of all the other employees who had their eyes on the dress and now couldn't purchase it for themselves.

Now, I while I've been in the position of watching a store product disappear that you, yourself, wished to purchase, I'm pretty sure complaining to the customer about how many people would be disappointed the product was going to be gone is not good business practise. While I was thrilled the dress was popular among the female staff, I was not thrilled to be made to feel guilty for buying the darn thing.

Although, if we're being honest (and we always are), there was no way I was going to be guilted into leaving it behind. That would have just been silly.

Dress // thrifted, Talize (rue21 brand)
Leggings // Suzy Shier
Belt // Smart Set
Oxfords // Payless
Lipstick // Maybelline 'Are you Red-dy'

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  1. Heck yah, it looks great on you! :) Glad you got it...if they snooze they loose! :)

  2. Perfect Find!! I love animal print & you totally rock it!

  3. This dress was made for you. The fit is perfect!

    1. WENDY! Ah! Thanks for stopping in! I hope you've been managing to settle in to your new place! xx



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