Valentine's Day Manicure: Hearts and Dots

In lieu of Monday Mentionables, and on account of the fact that it is 4 days until Valentine's Day, I have decided to post a cute and super easy V-Day manicure! Click on the image to get it larger (I literally tried for half an hour to get it larger without causing pixelation, and this is as big as I could get it. Sigh, time to invest in inDesign, methinks...)

To help make the time go by a little quicker, and to make sure that you are actually giving your fingers enough time to dry, do the following:

- Bathroom BEFORE nail polish. Trust me.
- 2 episodes of your favourite 1 hour tv show should be loaded and ready to go on Netflix. When they are both over, you should be done, and dry. 

If you decide that you don't want to add the extra grey dots, I have also included comparison photos below of what the mani looks like pre and post grey/white dots.


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