Thrift Week (Day 2): Why You Should Thrift Shoes (and wear them, too).

I'm about to devote an entire post to why thrifting shoes is a great idea. 

That's right: an entire post convincing you that buying shoes other people once wore and that subsequently sticking your feet in them is something you, as a sane person, should do. Not only that, but I am going to do this by showcasing four pairs of fabulous shoes in several key styles and price points (unfortunately, none of them are Louboutin or Michael Kors, but we'll get to that later). 

This past week, Talize had one of their 50% off everything sales. Basically, that means you're getting an even better deal on stuff that's already cheap. So, I walked out with 4 pairs of great shoes for about $3.50 CAD/pair. 

I have a policy when I thrift: avoid Walmart, H&M, Suzy, Smart Set, Reitmans etc. tags - basically anything you would be able to get for the same price on a sale rack, you should probably not thrift. Shoes are always a hard one, because there are so many random brand names that are available chains like Payless that, if you're not careful, you may go home with and regret several weeks later as they have probably fallen apart.

That aside, 70% of the shoes I own are thrifted. About 90% of those are from Talize. The first pair of thrifted shoes I purchased were a pair of real black leather vintage boots that were originally Hudson's Bay Company, and still smelled like the original leather. I had a hard time with that purchase because the prospect of sticking my feet in boots someone else stuck their probably disgusting feet in consistently before me. Like, gross, right? 

Here is the rule of thrifting shoes: You have to get over your fear of other people's feet. I guarantee you that the shoes you buy off a store rack have had just as many people stick their feet in them, you just don't realize it. And yes, I know they haven't had someone else's feet in them for long periods of time... but when thrifting shoes, it's probably nothing a good amount of Lysol (or appropriate shoe cleaner) can't fix. 

So, first up on the shoes. The cheapest retail style: American Eagle peep-toe kitten wedges. 
These usually retail for between $39.99-54.99 CAD depending on where you buy them, and what part of the season it is.

Second up: Spring's purple and black platform heels. These generally retail for between $50.00-60.00 in store. 

These are gorgeous shoes. To buy Spring new is typically quite cost efficient. Their shoes are cute, and they do tend to stay together. The company also does fabulous end-of-season sales, so I usually keep an eye on their website, just to see what's in. 

Third: these Carlos Santana peep toe, high heeled sandals. Retail on these is anywhere between $90.00-120.00. As far as my budget is concerned - if I can't buy the Spring heels new, I definitely can't afford to fork out $100.00 for these. 

But, this is why places like Talize exist. It's a haven for those of us who can't (or won't) buy well made clothing right off the retail racks. Second-hand stores provide a great outlet to get that quality, while adding gently used (or, as Pinterest would call it, "upcycled") items to your closet. 

Fourth: the wonderful Nine West black leather flats. Retailing for around $120.00-130.00 new, these were one of the best finds of the trip. They are so practical, and so comfortable.

Nine West is one of those stores located in the expensive end of the mall, where broke college girls like me only dream of shopping. I can't even step into Nine West because there are so many pretty shoes that my heart hurts a little even to look. So, when I noticed that these Nine West flats were in fabulous shape (with not even a scuff on the bottom of the shoe, where one can usually see evidence of how often they were worn, if at all)! So, at $3.50 CAD after the 50% off, I was quite impressed with myself. That's a lot of percentage in savings. 

So. Let's review. Shop shoes secondhand. Why? Because, once cleaned properly, your closet will thank you. Also, scroll up. See those four pairs of pretty? Those are the reason to thrift shoes. 

Not persuaded? It's okay. More shoes for me. 

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  1. Wow, girl! You scored some killer shoes! I have to say that my favorite was the "Spring's purple and black platform heels;" absolutely gorgeous! <3

    1. Thanks lovely! I love 'em too. They were the first ones I pulled off the rack. :)



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