I love my Ugly Sweaters

I've always been a huge fan of oversized sweaters with a certain ... horendicity. The mens' section at thrift stores are always teeming with them. They are warm. They are oversized. They are terribly ugly. And they are great for weekends when you have to be cooped up in your bedroom writing papers the length of a short novel. 

Here are a few of my favourites. They range from ridiculous, to pretentious, to just plain awesome. 

Sweater One: Schnauzer
Price: $2.00 at my local economy shop.
Appeal: It happened to be the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen in my life. So obviously, it was going to be a closet addition.

Sweater Two: Harvard
Price: $4.99 at a Valu Village
Appeal: I'm an academic. Harvard is a dream. Owning their sweater makes people think I attended there, which is awesome - especially on the days I wear it out in public. I love seeing astonished looks. Don't worry, I don't think I look like a Harvard grad either.

Sweater Three: Coca-Cola
Price: $4.99 at Talize
Appeal: It is a vintage Coca-Cola sweater. It's nearly been worn through by me. And I don't care, because I love it for its unapologetic cool. It is, after all (apparently much like my personality), two parts bubbly, one part kick-in-the-face.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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