Black and Blue and Breakin' Rules

Whoever decided that you couldn't wear black and blue together clearly did not think that particular faux-pas through. 

Besides being the name of one of my favourite Backstreet Boys albums, the colour combo is one of my go-to's now that I have these cobalt blue paints that literally match with nothing else in my wardrobe. I'm not brave enough to wear them with Barbie Pink, or bold and nautical red and white stripes (though I am sure they would look good with both), so I find myself turning - more often than not - to a simple white or black shirt to tone them down. 

I also have featured a second major fashion 'Do-Not' in this outfit: stripes and plaid. I guess that once I realized I had broken one rule of fashion, I figured I might as well carry on with my brilliance and go full out. And not only will I break the fashion rules, I'll do it while also belting out various melodies from The Backstreet Boys - when they were still the way I knew and loved them ...back in 1999. (NOTE: I didn't actually sing, but only because it was cold, starting to drizzle, and Nick would have turned around and walked away if I started into 90s pop music.)

Remember BSB's album 'Millennium?' That bad boy was the soundtrack of my tween years - and the term 'tween' hadn't even been coined yet. I had a mad crush on Brian (because who didn't??) and secretly thought Nick was trying too hard to be pretty (wasn't he?). Still, it was BSB for me. You would not have caught me dead with an N'Sync CD. To this day, I still couldn't tell you what N'Sync sang besides 'Bye Bye Bye', which is fine because JT moved on to bigger and better things anyway. He and Jimmy Fallon have a place in my heart. But it's a completely different (and relatively smaller) place than that which is occupied by Brian, Nick, Howie, AJ, and Kevin. To them, I will be loyal. Right up to my wardrobe choices, apparently.

Really though, I think the only reason either of these combos work is because the stripes and plaid are subtle, and the cobalt blue pants become the feature since I've sandwiched them between a black top and black flats. I contemplated putting on red wedges, but it just seemed to push things too colouredly disproportionate. And, well, you know me, I hate it when my outfits are disproportionate. 

So black and blue it is ...because I secretly hope my boys would be proud.

shirt(s) // Smart Set
cropped pants // Joe Fresh
flats // Nine West, thrifted
bag // American Living, thrifted

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  1. Love my cobalt blue jeans!!! and yes what to wear with them!
    I have a fun grey leopard print that I wear with those.
    Affectionately called my LOL shirt.
    Long story. LOVE long stories!

    Yeay you're home!

    1. Thanks Tetsy!
      I have a few LOL type shirts too, although, I can't say they came across that designation affectionately. :P



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