Gradlife Diaries: Last Week in British Columbia

Spring happened overnight in B.C. 

We went from about 10 degrees celsius to about 20 degrees in a matter of 24 hours. Everything woke up: flowers bloomed, robins sang, and students were studying on blankets in the sunshine all over campus.

I has been a pretty spectacular last week in the GVA. Although I am very excited to return to Ontario - land of the neverending snow - I definitely feel a sentiment of bittersweetness towards being away for a long time. I haven't fallen in love with British Columbia, but I have definitely fallen in love with the British Columbia spring.

Cherry blossoms. 

Rhodos blooming at the entrance to TWU.

Breaking out the summer jeans and thrifted flats.
Dinner on the Vancouver bayfront with a dear friend at twilight.

Still, for all its beauty, there is nothing quite like getting to experience the transition from winter to spring twice in one year. I've seen British Columbia awaken from its rainy winter months; how much more lovely it shall be to see Ontario blossom after one of the snowiest winters it's seen in over 3 decades. 

The smells of spring cause peace. The colours of spring awaken the soul. 

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  1. TOTALLY love all of your pics! The flowers are gorgeous, the night-time scene is serene and those jeans are killer amazing! :) YAY for spring! <3

    1. Thanks lovely! xx I could not get over how beautiful the weather was my last week in B.C. So amazing. :)



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