My Crochet Project Bucket List

Spring is everywhere. I am stuck inside this next week to finish all my final papers ( ...because I'm a procrastinator), and all I want to do is crochet and help Nick plant the garden. The problem is that I can't crochet and write papers at the same time, and we haven't had the last frost yet, so planting is out for a few more weeks. 

That being said, man, as soon as I am let loose, I have a bucket-list of projects I can't wait to embark on.



That first blanket is knitted, but there are crochet stitches that will give you a similar look. The block colours on it remind me of croquet sticks. 
The dishcloths are just lovely, and would make excellent gifts. I love the vibrant red, and the adorable plaid ribbon tying them together.
I haven't quite figured out how to do a crochet pillow yet, but I will! That creamy white will match with my room's colour palette.
The last blanket is very similar to the one I am working on for my friend Maria (you can find her blog here!), who is getting married in a few months. The colours are just perfect. 
I have a few other projects of my own that are near completion, so they'll hopefully be up soon. In the meantime, I have a lot of pages of intelligent academic garble to write. 
Do you have any projects you are working on? Leave a link in the comments, and I would love to stop by! And don't forget to follow along using the buttons below, or under my profile. I love to connect with my readers! 

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