Style Post: Bringing Home Spring

I'd like to think that I brought Spring back to Ontario with me. 

It's a balmy 16 degrees celcius here today (as it was yesterday when I flew in. Balmy was the word that the pilot used to describe the weather in London, ON), the sun has been shining all day, and, true to the nature of my adorable town, every person over 70 was running errands. 

I love how Spring wakes everyone up out of their Winter blues. It's the moment when coats are not needed, when you can wear skirts without tights or nylons, and when scarves can be worn for fashion and not warmth. It's also when my hair starts to look a little reddish (no matter how much colour is in it). 

In other news, my boyfriend and I spent the day wandering the town's mainstreet front, had lunch at a cute cafe, and then returned to his house where we were chased (rather, I was chased) by a chicken, and he showed me the tiny sprouts of the plants he has started for the summer months: habenero peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, black-eyed susans, and sunflowers are all beginning to show themselves to the world. 

Notice the reflection of my arm in his glasses; it was totally a selfie.

He's pretty wonderful. He was also dressed the part of 'farmer' today: plaid and aviators. He's also pretty great at taking the photos for the blog, so I expect he'll make a few appearances over the course of the summer.

Being back in SW Ontario is wonderful. Soon the flowers here will be in bloom, and I will be taking some photos of them; there is still snow on the grass in the background of the photo below, meaning that the ground definitely needs to thaw out. But those times are fast approaching, and it seems like the nice weather is here to stay, so hopefully we can keep up the outdoor photo-shoots.

Have a lovely weekend, friends! Enjoy the sunshine if it finds you. 

Cardigan // Smart Set
Scarf // H&M
Belt // Suzy Shier
Tank // Smart Set
Skirt // Smart Set
Sunglasses // Guess
Shoes // Thrifted

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  1. You look absolutely lovely! I love that purple colored cardigan and you're rockin' spring, but bundled up still for winter weather.

  2. Love that color of the cardigan on you! You guys are adorable. You must be happy to be home!

    1. Ah! I am so happy to be back. It's been a whirlwind of a week, though. Have you settled into your new place?



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