A Slouchy Shirt and the Case of the Missing Stud

I told Nick that I wanted to get outfit photos done this afternoon. However, true to the wacky weather, it was a while before it stopped raining/hailing/being generally unpleasant so that we could get out and be productive.

So, Nick and I went out for dinner. He ordered steak and I ordered pad thai. We shared an oreo mudslide for desert. The whole thing was lovely and delicious and I got to take home my leftovers. 

And... we got the photos taken.

Now, I decided specifically to get this grungy weekend look up because I wanted to show off that striped Olsen tank-top. I purchased it last year from a thrift store, and have worn it more times that I can count. It matches with every pair of coloured pants I own, and it is slouchy enough to hide all the pad thai I eat when Nick takes me out for dinner. How wonderful shirts such as these are!

Then there's my coral pink Steve Maddens. What you cannot see in these photos is that on one of the shoes there is a missing stud. Normally, stories about how shoes lose parts of their embellishment aren't all that great. Usually you just look down and notice, 'oh hey, that sequin is gone' or 'where the heck did that tiny buckle go?' You spend a brief moment mourning the loss of that small detail on your beloved footwear and then you move on.

Not these shoes. These shoes were the case of the missing stud.

You see, it was mine and Nick's first date - almost a year ago now. We had gone back to his house after a dinner (where we ordered the exact same meals as we did tonight, and I was wearing the same slouchy shirt). We built a campfire even though it was not quite dusk. We let the summer air lull around us, and it was good.

Until the chickens came.

Nick's younger brother has six free-range laying hens which are affectionately referred to as the ladies. And these chickens love love LOVE attention. They also love bright things that reflect off the sun and are small enough to peck at.

It was like the Flash came and started pecking at my feet. One second there were no chickens and the next there were a herd of them around my then new coral Steve Maddens trying to eat the little metal buckles and stud embellishments. The moment of rage and amazement (on my part) was when one of them succeeded in pecking off one of the studs! I flailed by feet around - which was more like a spazzy Pull-ups commercial dance - to get them to disappear while Nick stood there laughing at me. Stupid ladies. I mean, HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?

Oh well. It's one for the books, I guess.

Digesting metal cannot be good for chickens, but I still think it served them right for eating a peice of my shoe. 

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shirt // Olsen, thrifted
jeggings // American Eagle
cardigan // Jacob
flats // Steve Madden
purse // vintage, thrifted

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  1. Great post! I couldn't agree more about the mini skirt! I found your blog thru the post on Wendy Banners blog! So I just followed u on G+, Twitter and Bloglovin. ;)))

    1. Julie,
      Thanks for stopping in! I will be sure to check out your blog, too!



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