On: The Death of the Mini-Skirt ...

Praise the fashion powers that be for FINALLY retiring every tween's favourite 90s/00s summer skank item: the mini-skirt.

For the second spring/summer season in a row, we are entering into the land of the maxi-skirt, and it is a great thing. No more will we have to unwillingly see the patterned undergarments of women. No more will we feel embarassed by 'a little too much leg'. No more will we have to feel like our young girls are being exposed to fashion trends far too improprietous for everyone's good. 

How or why it happened, I won't understand. But I am happy. Fashion says a lot about our values in society. When the hemlines go up, the self-esteem seems to go down. As hipster-culture became more mainstream, some noticeable changes started in the every-day style. Skirts got longer, sweaters became more oversized, shirts got longer, and emphasizing cleavage became passe. Sure, they also made gluten-free a fad, told everyone to stop washing their hair, and made straggly beards cool again, but all that is forgiveable... they killed the mini-skirt.

Thank goodness for the vintage revival. It was time for the mini-skirt to die. 

In honour of the death of the mini-skirt, I have put together a collection of some of my favourite full-length looks. Because propriety is a good, good thing.

skirt // shirt // shoes // purse // necklace

skirt // shirt // shoes // purse // bracelet // earrings // belt

skirt // shirt // shoes // purse // earrings 

skirt // shirt // shoes // purse // scarf // earrings

Are you as happy as I am that the mini-skirt is finally dying? Which look is your favourite?

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  1. Oh no, I just bought a mini-ish dress. In my defense it was Anne Taylor LOFT, and it went perfect with the leggings that were in the store and the Ginger G shawl cardigan.

    I like look #2! I am inspired although trends sometimes take a bit of time to trickle down to my favourite shop. (I scored a slim grey H&M blazer for my 20 yr son today. He said, "Dirty!" He was pleased.)

    1. Ha! All fashion trends are forgiven when the designer is Anne Taylor. :) And I am not against mini-dresses. I wear a ton of them in the winter.. with leggings - because leggings rock.

      Also... I thought of you when I found that shirt for Look2 after your LOL shirt comment from earlier! Thanks for stopping by, Tetsy! xx

  2. Everything but the black one. I have at least four black maxi skirts - all with something interesting going on. Maxis and Midis (which is just nouveau fashion-speak for tea length) are my wardrobe staples. I never had the thighs to pull off mini skirts even when I was a stick thin teenager. Oh yeah, and I never wanted to feel completely exposed, which is kinda funny since my Mom wanted to buy them for me all the time. She wore them throughout the 1960s. Oh fashion.



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