Thirfted accessories are my favourite kind of accessories. The peices are always unique. They have stood the test of time for whoever owned them previously, so you know they will last a few years (if not more) for you too. 

I use these accessories whilst composing my wardrobe often. In fact, these are the selection of 'thrift-sessories' which made the cut when I was packing for my return to Ontario. Most of these have appeared on my blog before, but they were not showcased for the sake of themselves. So, here they are. My favourite thrift-sessories.

Brown front-clip purse/clutch duo
Thrifted; Talize (2011)

This purse is my go-to for almost every outfit. I remember going to the thrift store just before I finished my undergrad, wanting to find a brown leathery-type purse/clutch that would blend in with the newest hipster-fad. While I managed to return all the tassled, oversized, not cross-shoulder purses to the rack, this lovely guy made it home with me. I am thrilled it did, because it matches with literally everything. 

Over-the-shoulder 80s black leather purse
Thrifted; Talize (2013)

That pattern screams 80s. And if that wasn't enough, I had a small scent-induced dance party in the store when I realized it STILL SMELLS LIKE LEATHER! All the tags had been ripped out of it, so I have no idea from what retailer it originated, but it is adorable. It's the perfect size for my wallet, phone, and emergency lip-gloss. So I take it out on the days or nights that I need nothing else. Perfect.

Floral scarf
Thrifted; Bibles for Missions

As it turns out, this scarf is hard to match with anything. It looks awkward with most coloured jeans, and the purple is really helpful if I am wearing a white shirt underneath. I brought it home with the intention of figuring out how to wear it, and with what, and I have to say, I think I've succeeded. I have a flowy white long-sleeved shirt that is still light enough for spring and matches really well with the small polka dots in the scarf. For the sake of not overdoing the purple, I have a pair of green skinnies that I like to pair it with. Matched with my 80s bag and those Nine West flats I featured in this post, I think we've really got something! 

Leather-bound American Living slouchy bag
Thrifted; Talize (gift from my mom)

This is the most versatile and wonderful purse I have ever owned. I love the pattern. I love the brown leather. I love the snap. I love that it is classic with a little bit of character, and I love that it has a GAZILLION pockets on the inside and can hold EVERYTHING! I've even been known to stuff yarn in there for days when I really gotta have my crochetting handy. I have to laugh, because the green in the purse actually made the walls look closer to the green they are because the colour is almost identical. All in all, this bag is a winner. 

Do you have any favourite thrift-sessories? Put your link in the comments; I would love to stop by.

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Cheers. :) 

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  1. I love thrifting too! Would you be interested in joining us every week for Thrift Style Thursday?

    1. I would love to! I've been admiring your posts for a very long time. Email me?

  2. I love that plaid bag! I love thrifting a good bag! It can be hard to find good ones, but there are some gems out there!



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