Thrift Style Thursday - Animal Prints

I am so excited to be joining the Thrift Style Thursday crew! The lovely Zhenya invited me to participate with some other lovely bloggers to showcase fabulous thrifted things. Each week there is a theme, and we are challenged to put together outfits that stick to that theme.

For my first ever TST, the theme was 'animal print.' Go figure. The only animal printed anything I own - if we are keeping with real animal prints (lions, and tigers, and leopards.. oh my!) - is still in B.C. because it wouldn't fit in the suitcase. Now, I figured I had some wiggle room here. No one specified whether 'animal print' meant animal patterns per say, or whether it meant things with animals printed on it. As you can see, I opted for both (though the former is less obvious.)

Let's break it down:
Snakeskin print: purse and shoes.
Prints of Animals on Clothes: shirt.

As we were headed outside to take these photos, Nick (for those of your just tuning in, Nick is my wonderful boyfriend of almost a year) leaned in and told me he really liked my shoes. That was a really special compliment since he's the type of man who takes no fashion initiative. Since we started dating, I've slowly been encouraging him to replace some old items of clothing that I know he's had since high school - and he's 27, so it's time for those things to go. We even got into a rather heated discussion about why he should invest in a pair of loafers; I, obviously, for the loafers, he against. So anytime he takes notice of pieces in my wardrobe, I feel hopeful that I might yet win the shoe war.

So, for those of you who follow me on Instagram (if you don't, you should!!), you know that I posted those amazing Carlos Falchi shoes that received Nick's accolades. My mom gifted them to me, after she purchased them for $6 from the London, ON Bibles-For-Missions thrift store. After doing some research on Falchi, I found out that he is a New York designer who uses real snakeskin leather to create purses and shoes. The retail on his (usually) one-of-a-kind peices are between $500-$700 for shoes, and $1300-$3000 for purses. 

I was troubled that the brand print on the sole of the shoe didn't match the current Falchi signature (see my Instagram ) and wasn't sure if these were the real thing. There are always designer knock-offs causing headaches for thrifters everywhere. However, I did find an Etsy listing with original Falchi shoes from the late 90s with a similar brand signature, selling her collection for almost $100/pair.

Unfortunately, I think the jury is still out on these shoes. Yeah, I guess I'll be disappointed if they are fakes. However, knocking off Falchi doesn't seem to be as common as knocking off, say, Christian Louboutin, so there's hope.

Plus, the shoes are gorgeous, and even Nick likes them. I think I win either way.

bird print blouse // Zara, thrifted
skirt // Smart Set
purse // thrifted
belt // thrifted
carlos falchi shoes // thrifted

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  1. Welcome to TST! Here's to your fabulously adorable first post! =O)

    1. Thanks! So glad to be a part of the crew! xx

  2. First of all, welcome to TST! Second - you are SO clever! I was so stumped over what to wear this week since I'm not a huge animal print lover, way to think outside the box AND look adorable!

    1. Thanks - on both counts! I was noticing that the colour scheme on both our TST outfits is similar (beigey brown top, black skirt)! Great minds think alike! :)

  3. Welcome to TST!! Love your pretty shirt! I went with birds on my shirt today for TST too! I also adore your bag - I'm such a bagaholic!

  4. Im not a fan of traditional "animal print" but I love your version! ;) Very nice outfit!

  5. That blouse looks great on you!
    -Alex of

  6. I love love love this look and I am so happy you joined us!

  7. Adorable outfit!! I love your bird print blouse and your accessories! It looks like most of us were thinking outside the box this week with different interpretations of "animal prints!" ;)

    P.S. Welcome to Thrift Style Thursdays!! :)

  8. Welcome to TST! That shirt is cute - I love the way you styled it!


  9. Welcome to TST, the shirt went perfectly with the theme. Can you do me a favor? Can you send over that bag in the mail, I will be waiting!! lol



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