Thrift Style Thursday: Cute & Quirky

This TST challenge was difficult for me. 'Cute n Quirky' is such a vague theme, that I honestly could have paired anything in my closet together and we'd have been good to go. The problem is that when other people are reading about your thrifting escapades, the right amount of cute and the right amount of quirk must successfully be married together in order for your self-declared thrifting superpowers to be believed. 

So I picked the single quirkiest item in my wardrobe and worked from there. 

Readers: meet the ugliest sweater of them all.
Ugly Sweater: meet the readers.

This was my undergraduate essay-writing, tea-drinking, cold-weather, loved by hipsters everywhere, and all-around-excellent thrifted ridiculous sweater. It has a non-sensical design, oversized buttons, and pockets that are just a little too far back to be useful. It matches with nothing, and it never looks appealing. It is quirk. Pure, unadulterated, hipster, quirk. 

So, after tossing around every shirt I own, I finally settled on pairing it with beige skinnies and the black tunic, also thrifted. Throwing in a little glam with the vintage shoes, and girly non-matching head swank, I called it a day. Thrifting superpowers demonstrated? Check.

It's cute, it's quirky, it's the best a girl could do with the vaguest theme ever.

And you've all been introduced to the world's ugliest hipster sweater. You're welcome.

tunic // thrifted, Talize
sweater // thrifted, Valu Village
pants // American Eagle
shoes // thrifted, Valu Village or Talize??
purse // thrifted, Talize
headband // Ardene

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  1. I like the sweater! I can see why you used to like to wear it for study days - it looks so cozy and comfy!! I think you did great with the theme!

  2. Oh my gosh, it's totally the ugliest hipster sweater, but it's sorta endearing in it's ugliness. I would say you totally nailed this TST challenge hands down. I love the little floral touches. They're delightfully cute, without being matchy-matchy. I guess you could say that makes them quirky.

    1. Thanks, Karen. We all have to have those horrendous looking super comfy sweaters though! They are just too awesome to pass up!

  3. Such a cute look! Love your headpiece, it is the perfect touch!

    1. It would match with your polka dress, too! :)

  4. I agree about quirky being hard - there are so many different ways to be quirky, I love this look though!

  5. lol, you did a great job with the quirky and cute! It was def. a bit of an challenge because you could basically do anything, like you said. However, as long as it puts a smile on your face at the end of the day, then it was successful, lol.

  6. You are the eptiome of quirky and cute with this look :) Great job, girl!

  7. This is so stinkin' cute and quirky and fun and boho and I love it! Seriously, I love the embroidery detail in the top and your hair scarf is adorable! Fabulous post! :)

    1. The embroidery was definitely the reason why I purchased that tunic. It's so wonderfully detailed, and is actually made by a Canadian designer based out of Vancouver and only available in super select stores. I felt pretty lucky to find one secondhand.

  8. We love the details on the top.
    Really cute.


    Lesli and Jacki

  9. I love how you used your ugly sweater as a starting point for your outfit. It turned out quite fun and you definitely nailed the theme! :)



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