The B Life: June 2014

An Anniversary Date

Nick and I started dating one year ago on Saturday, so we commemorated by spending the day in Port Stanley, ON - a little beach community about 40 minutes from our hometown. It was spectacular. The weather was perfect (blue skies, humidity free temperatures, the whole nine yards). The beach smelled wonderful, and we even took a short touristy train-ride! 

The afternoon was packed with a diner-lunch, hobby shops in Sparta, ON - Sparta Country Candles and Winter Wheat -- TRY THEM!! - where we bought fudge, garden accessories, and an adorable picture frame in distressed seafoam green. I can't wait to put the photo in it! 

There was also this very cool bridge in Port Stanley that raised every time a sailboat had to go down the river, and a pelican who paused long enough for Nick to snap half a zillion photos while the train pulled back into the station. 

It's such a gift to have someone to spend a day and (hopefully!!) a lifetime with. That is worth celebrating. 

Not pictured: We went for dinner at a lovely inn/pub/restaurant, where the waiter brought us a platter of elegantly wrapped steak knives and told us to "choose our weapon." Classic.

Also not pictured: a spectacular sunset over the pier. 

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