The Dress that Caused my Thrifting Addiction

Once upon a time, somewhere in the ghosts of Brittany past, I thrifted the dress that started it all. It was 2012. It was two days before the new year. It was at Talize. And it was with two of my good friends (because one never thrifts alone).

My friend Stephanie was actually the one who found this dress. She tried it on first, but her height made it seem less dress, more scandal, so she tossed it over the change room wall for me. It was love at first sight, and for a mere $7.99 + student discount, this beautiful Gap dress was mine.

How delightful it was when, several years later, I discovered this same Gap dress in the archives of Kendi Everyday. There, she explained how the dress disappeared several times - first completely out of the store, and then, when she finally did find one at another Gap store, another customer "borrowed" it from her change room to try on! I still can't believe that happened.

I feel lucky, then. Because my experience purchasing this dress was much better. It was passed on to me, it was secondhand, and it was perfect. It made me want to thrift more, and thrift often. 

dress // Gap, thrifted, Talize
belt // thrifted, Talize
shoes // thrifted, Talize
purse // borrowed, my Mom's closet

What made you start thrifting? Was it one particular find that caused your love of the sport? Let me know by leaving a comment or connecting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Bloglovin'! I would love to hear from you. 

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  1. YOU make me WANT to start thrifting! lol Lovely find, I can see why you got hooked, I feel like the same thing will happen to me if I start! :) (which isn't a bad thing!)

  2. That is such an adorable dress - I've never tried thifting but you make it seem so easy and fun!



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