Thrift Style Thursday: Mod Squad; or, The Thrifted Modcloth

I'm not sure what 'Mod-Squad' means in the realm of thrifting. I think it was supposed to be a little more That 70s Show meets Twiggy. But that's not really my thing.

Yes, I know. TST is supposed to be about broadening one's style. About trying new things. About thrifting your way to a bigger, better, more fashionable you! Well, to you jesters, skeptics, and critics; I reply:

How about thrifted Modcloth?!

I hope you all shout 'yea', because that is exactly what I did. Those beautiful shoes that look vintage but really aren't vintage are my "Mom bought these for me because they were at Bibles For Missions for 4 Dollars" thrifted Modcloth vintage-for-pretends.

How does she know they are actually Modcloth, you ask?

Because I found the same pair, here.

I don't buy Modcloth new, after reading this particular post from Julie at We So Thrifty sometime last year. She makes a good point: Modcloth is imitation vintage, not real vintage. If you're looking for something to retro-vintage your wardrobe up, that local thrift store is a heckuvalot cheaper.

And for those of you who don't believe it to be true, well, this entire outfit was thrifted (minus the belt): from my LOFT t-shirt to the Tommy Hilfiger shorts, to those cute 'n' quirky Modcloth flats.

So, Twiggy mod-squad, no. It's not me. But the Modcloth squad? Yep. This girl's in! 

shirt // LOFT, thrifted, Talize
shorts // Tommy Hilfiger, thrifted 
purse // vintage, thrifted, Talize
shoes // Modcloth, thrifted, Bibles for Missions
belt // Smart Set
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  1. I had trouble pulling together a "mod" style look too. And while I've bought from ModCloth before, I will agree, real live vintage is way better! I love the shoes you scored though - super cute!

  2. Omg so many things to say!
    1. I love your outfit and I LOVE those shoes (I went for T-straps, too!)!
    2. I cannot believe your mom thrifted those adorable shoes for only $4!!
    3. I read We So Thrifty, too, isn't she hilarious?!
    4. I love ModCloth, but I agree it's imitation vintage (and often pretty cheaply made unless you go for the real expensive stuff, but then it's, you know, really expensive!) so I'd much rather thrift!
    Okay, I think I covered everything - love your post!! :)

    1. Julie is the best! We went to the same university (though several years apart) and she is pretty great friends with a cousin of mine. It's like blogger bragging rites just want to find a connection to her because she is SO AMAZING!!

  3. In defense of Mod Cloth, they carry plus sizes. Finding real vintage that fits a size 10/12 or larger can be downright daunting.

    That said, you look totes adorbs. Way to rock your own interpretation.

    1. This is true. I like the idea of Modcloth, for sure. They definitely tapped into a market. I just prefer the thrill of the thrift to the thrill of the online shopping. :)

  4. I love how you interpreted the theme!!! I agree with your about ModCloth, to. Great job!!!

  5. SO CUTE! i love stripes and t-straps. But I will say something about imitation vintage vs. real vintage. While I LOVE the vintage look, I have never actually found a vintage article of clothing that fits me and is comfortable. Usually the sizes are so small, the fabric is itchy, something like that. And that includes clothes that I inherited from my grandmother and aunt. So I really like the idea of vintage-inspired or a vintage reboot. :) xo Nout



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