Weekend Garden Love

Our garden has come up beautifully. I've been able to start with drying out some of my herb cuttings and storing away ripe peppers for the salsa making party I plan to have with my grandma in the early fall. The garden is a favourite oasis of mine.

snow peas

zucchini blossoms

happiest dog in the world. 
the watermelon!

Hope you are having a great start to your week! Thanks for stopping in. 

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Thrift Style Thursday: Those Metallic Shoes

Well, as you can see, things got a bit of a face lift around here. I often get the bug to recode my blog. I love spending afternoons learning new things on Photoshop (watercolour brushes... who knew?!). I also love when the fruits of my design intensive labour turn out to be very very sweet. I am thrilled with the layout overhaul. 

And what better day to reveal the fresh look than on #thriftstylethursday?! Today's theme focussed on metallics, and although it's not shiny, I think the new blog look is a gold star all its own.

Now. How about these shoes?! They are, after all, the real stars of this post. They were, as a matter of fact, the first pair of shoes I ever thrifted. I am 90% sure they are vintage, and I wear them all the time. 

Last year, I lived in Waterloo, ON and worked for a liquidatiion company. There, I carried heavy boxes and climbed shelves, and unloaded skids - and I wore these shoes the whole time. So comfortable. And SO shiny! Plus, no true style loving girl could possibly reconcile herself to wearing boring old running shoes to work - not with an option such as these!

tank // American Eagle; thrifted, The Salvation Army
shorts // Tommy Hilfiger, thrifted
shoes // vintage; thrifted, Value Village
necklace // The Bay

Don't forget to check out the other lovely thrifting gals to see how they styled their metallics this week! I know they came up with some great stuff!

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Aztec Gold

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderfully restful weekend. I know I did! Nick and I spent a rainy Saturday afternoon antique shopping and then had a Back to the Future marathon. We both love those movies. We also realized that the date they go into the future (second movie) is coming up next year (October 21, 2015)! How great would it be if Nike re-released those iconic Marty McFly shoes?! You KNOW I'll be in line for those...

But enough about that. 

How much do you adore this lovely teal aztec print shirt? It's fun, it's flowy, and it happens to be the best colour to pair with white shorts. White shorts are everywhere, this season. I have never had much of a disposition toward them because white gets so dirty so quickly. But this summer I was determined to thrift a pair. It took a few months and many failed attempts, but eventually I found that which I desired: medium length white shorts ...with pockets for my hands. 

Then this shirt came along and I knew I had found the perfect match. It is just the right amount of comfort, flow, pattern, and style. All I needed was some train-track photos and awkward jumping photos and I'd be all set. As far as fashion goes, that's what I call Aztec Gold. 

... I am so not a graceful jumper. 

tank // thrifted, Salvation Army
cardigan // Suzy Shier
shorts // thrifted, local economy shop
sandals // Payless Shoe Source
purse // thrifted, Talize
necklace // borrowed, my Mom's closet

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