One Dress, Three Ways; Versatile Formalwear with Fanny Crown Paris

** This post is an entry into the Fanny Crown Blogger Contest. Details can be found here. I was contacted by the company and asked to participate. 

We've all done it. We've purchased that beautiful, elegant, expensive special event dress and only worn it once. We spent $200-$500 on that wardrobe piece that was just perfect for our best friend's wedding, and then sighed as we watched it collect dust in the back of our closets. Why do we do this? Why do we turn these spectacular wardrobe items into one-time-only affairs? Are we not doing a disservice to our clothes?

I'll be the first to admit that my prom dress is still hanging in the walk-in closet in my parents' house's bathroom. Granted, circa 2006 no one was thinking about making those fancy pieces diversifiable, but still: that's $400.00 I will never wear again. 

 This is me in 2006. If anyone has any ideas on how I can repurpose this, I am open
to suggestions!!

So here we are, a few email correspondences with Fanny Crown and terrible prom dresses later and I've come to the conclusion that we need to start finding more flexible uses for our Formal Best. 

Before I begin, I need to show you the look that the stylists over at Fanny Crown, a Paris located formalwear boutique, put together for this dress. 
dress can be found here

It's very runway, very chic, very formal, and very much designed for an occasion. Let's be serious. This dress is way too gorgeous to only make an appearance once or twice. 

So, on that note, I am going to show you how to take this exact Fanny Crown dress and turn it into a versatile and essential wardrobe must-have. 

Look 1
jacket // earrings // cross-body // heels // eyes // hair // lipstick // nail polish
It's summertime, and that means date night just got so much more fun. Whether you like to go for dinner and a movie, walk along the piers, antique shop, or go out dancing, this outfit is where its at. 

Jean Jacket: Adding a cropped jean jacket helps to make this dress more casual, while still emphasizing the best parts: the flowing skirt, the beautiful coral lace, and that 60s neckline. Cropped is important, since it will cut just above the bottom of the bodice and flatter the shape of the dress. 
Earrings: Geometric dangle earrings are a lovely touch, and the gold intentionally matches both the detailing on the jacket and the embellishment on the shoes.
Heels: A dress like this deserves fabulous shoes. These wonderful closed toe heels from Modcloth balance out the jean jacket and keep the dress looking classy. 
Cross-body: Add a pop of colour with this beautiful Town Shoes crossbody in cobalt blue. The gold metalic studs tie in with the earrings and the shoes, keeping the motif through the whole outfit.
Hair&Makeup: Keep the outfit casual with a messy bun, headband, nail polish to match the purse, and a soft smokey eye that will take you from night to day. 

Look 2
cardigan // shoes // necklace&earrings // handbag // hair // headscarf // eyes //lipstick
We also want to look great for the workplace. Unless you have a job that requires a uniform, I suggest you work this dress into your daily wardrobe too! Here's how:

Cardigan: Adding a cardigan that borders between cream and rose with a little lace detailing makes this work appropriate without taking away from the glamour of the dress, itself. Again, find a cardigan whose length matches that of the dress's bodice.
Jewelry: Use the seafoam as your accent colour through the whole outfit. Choosing a statement necklace will work well for this neckline without taking away from the beautiful lace embellishment on the dress.
Shoes: Follow the seafoam down to your feet and opt for this classic heeled sandal. You want to make sure you carry your accent through the entire outfit.
Handbag: For work, you'll want to find a neutral handbag. Notice it is in the same colour family as the cardigan and is big enough to store your lunch, laptop, and any other work related documents. 
Hair&Makeup: Opt for a professional looking sock bun if you have long hair. Finish the bun with a fun headscarf. Bright neutral makeup and a soft raspberry coloured lip will give you a nice day-look, appropriate for the office.

Look 3
necklace // earrings // clutch // shoes // hair // eyes // nail polish // lipstick
Lastly, let's focus on using this dress as formal wear. It is the perfect dress for those summer weddings (tis the season, friends!), and we both know you have a ton of them to go to. Here's the look:

Necklace: Go for a black statement necklace that will pop against the coral. 
Earrings: Pulling the black and gold in from the necklace, I suggest adding girly earrings such as these bow studs. 
Clutch: Keep the glamour with a beautiful black and white two toned clutch. The black is pulled in from the accessories, and the white anticipates the webbed booties.
Shoes: These are the perfect shoe for this dress. The white will balance out your accessories, and keep the dress a little flirty. They will also work well in the fall months if you have to throw a pair of grey tights under the dress to keep your legs warm. 
Hair&Makeup: For hair, I would suggest a romantic updo, complete with delicate fabric flowers to match the flowers in the dress. Keeping with the romance, opt for a cat-eye, coral nail polish, and rosey lip stain. 

As part of the contest, Fanny Crown is also offering a 15% discount to all my readers with the promo code: LIPSTICKNYARN14. The code is valid until August 25, 2014. 

Feeling inspired? Head over to Fanny Crown Paris's website to find your perfect summer party gown. 

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  1. Very helpful tips! Thanks for share this with us!
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    1. Thanks for stopping in, Vivian! Have a great week.

  2. These are great tips for a formal outing. There are a lot of different things that a person can do. For a formal event. It is always a great idea to look elegant.



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