I have been totally missing in action the last few weeks on account of computer problems. My good ole laptop is finally on its last leg, and unfortunately, that means that there has been a terrible lack of posts. I am so sorry for leaving everyone hanging.

You see, the backlight on my screen is in the process of burning out completely, and so there is much flickering between black screens and not so black screens and I end up hoping that I can make it through typing an email without my computer blacking out on me yet, again. Imaginably, editing photos is just as impossible. 

I would just send it in to be fixed, but I am also job-less and so money-less and thus cannot afford to have anything fixed or replaced. It's getting a little ridiculous.

How fortunate I am, then, to have an outfit post for you that is almost entirely not thrifted. I had a Smart Set gift card left over from the holidays, and so I used it this weekend to replace some pairs of shorts. My mom also helped me out and used her Payless Shoes BOGO option to fund me these lovely sandals - as well as this cobalt blue tank from Kohls.

I don't think I've ever had an outfit post comprised entirely of non-thrifted things. 

tank // Kohls
shorts // Smart Set
gladiator sandals // Payless Shoe Source

Thanks for stopping in! I hope you have a lovely day. 

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