Thrift Style Thursday: Baby Got Black

Happy Thursday, folks! Today's ThriftStyleThursday theme is 'Gorgeously Gothic'. In an effort to make myself look a little more badass (read: pensive, vampirish, and pale), I edited the life out of my photos for this week. Get it - cause vampires suck the lifeblood out of you? Oh, nevermind.

If I was going to go true gothic, I would have decked myself out in Thirteenth Century medieval costume attire. After all, the gothic trend first erupted back when cathedrals were being built all over Europe. Gothic was a theme of architecture. It was only after the gothic stories of vampires and spirits emerged that we put a name on the whole black mythology thing (cue Twilight rant about sparkling vampires here).

'Gothic' as fashion made an appearance sometime in the 80s - first recognized as grunge - and was reborn as a darker alternative to punk style in the late 90s and early 2000s. 

Fortunately, I have no intention of pulling a Van Helsing on any of you (though, I was born on Halloween, so there is that..). Instead, I am going to opt for a less intense gothic look - since I am pretty sure no hardcore gothic style guru would ever wear a tunic with embroidered flowers. But it's my blog, and I like my flowers. So that's that. 

I also have no desire to suck anyone's blood. 

tunic // thrifted, Talize
leggings // Suzy Shier
booties // Payless Shoe Source
earrings // Ardene
belt // Ardene

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  1. I love the tunic! The floral detail is too fun! I dig the booties too, I thought about pulling some out today too but then it was warm here, lol.

    1. Thanks, Bethie! I was definitely lucky to have an agreeable day for heeled booties. Can't say that happens too often in July :/

  2. I love that tunic top!!! But I'm not gonna lie, I would definitely be a little afraid of you if I ran into you in an alley in Forks, WA! Seriously awesome vampiress styling! ;)

    1. Thankfully I wouldn't be found in an alleyway in Forks, WA! (Unless shooting blog photos, of course.) Thanks for stopping in, Kristi!

  3. Three words: WORK. IT. GIRL. Um...dang!!!! You did an amazing job with your look. And the makeup?! LOVE.

    1. Thanks so much, Justine! I'll admit, I did have fun getting my makeup all dark and menacing.. :)

  4. How awesome are you? I mean I just put on an all black outfit, haha! I feel like a slacker :)


    1. Ha! Thanks Zhenya! I'll admit though, a lot of it is thanks to iPhoto and Photoshop. And: I changed into bright blue as soon as the shoot was done. :P

  5. Love your outfit for the theme this week! You're commentary totally had me cracking up too. :)

    1. Ah! I am glad the Twilight bashing and Vampire jokes made you laugh. Glad you stopped in!



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