Thrift Style Thursday: Bold and Bright

Holy Bollucks, was it ever cold today. Like, mid fall and there should be leaves falling cold. It wasn't shorts weather.

It wasn't sheer tank top weather.

But I did it anyways. Because that's what I do: defy the laws of weather to get the boldest and the brightest of all my wardrobe together in happy outfit matrimony. I boldly go where no bright has gone before. It's like I'm Kirk and this outfit is my Spock, and I am ready to take on the galactic powers in the fight of fashion.

Can you tell I love this shirt? I got it from Value Village out in Langley, British Columbia. It's flowy, it's bright, and it's got flowers. What more could a girl want on a terribly chilly July afternoon? (It wouldn't be used as a Starfleet uniform because of all those reasons...)

I've never paired it with these shorts, but now that I see it in post-form, I kind of like it. What do you think? Colour combination approved? Let me know. 

shirt // thrifted, Value Village
cardigan // old, Jacob
shorts // Liquidation King
gladiators // Payless Shoe Source

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  1. Gorgeous combination! I LOVE red and yellow as a combination! We had a weirdly cold day yesterday (like 70, which is cold for July)

    1. Thanks for stopping in, Miche! I hope the weather has warmed up!

  2. Brittany, you are def. rocking the bright and bold look. My fav. item is the tank, very cute. Until next TST challenge!

    1. :) Thanks Jackline! I love the tank too. So fun! xx

  3. Your top is so cute! And those yellow shorts are fabulous!

  4. I love this color combination! Those shorts are awesome!!



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