Thrift Style Thursday: Those Metallic Shoes

Well, as you can see, things got a bit of a face lift around here. I often get the bug to recode my blog. I love spending afternoons learning new things on Photoshop (watercolour brushes... who knew?!). I also love when the fruits of my design intensive labour turn out to be very very sweet. I am thrilled with the layout overhaul. 

And what better day to reveal the fresh look than on #thriftstylethursday?! Today's theme focussed on metallics, and although it's not shiny, I think the new blog look is a gold star all its own.

Now. How about these shoes?! They are, after all, the real stars of this post. They were, as a matter of fact, the first pair of shoes I ever thrifted. I am 90% sure they are vintage, and I wear them all the time. 

Last year, I lived in Waterloo, ON and worked for a liquidatiion company. There, I carried heavy boxes and climbed shelves, and unloaded skids - and I wore these shoes the whole time. So comfortable. And SO shiny! Plus, no true style loving girl could possibly reconcile herself to wearing boring old running shoes to work - not with an option such as these!

tank // American Eagle; thrifted, The Salvation Army
shorts // Tommy Hilfiger, thrifted
shoes // vintage; thrifted, Value Village
necklace // The Bay

Don't forget to check out the other lovely thrifting gals to see how they styled their metallics this week! I know they came up with some great stuff!

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  1. Love those shoes and your fresh new blog look! I often times change up my blog look too, I have blog ADD, lol.

    1. I definitely love recoding. Fresh looks are always great - in fashion and blogging!

  2. This outfit is SUPER CUTE on you!! I love those metallic shoes and never would have guessed that they are comfortable enough for hard labor! Plus, I am totally coveting that peplum top! I have recently decided that I need a peplum top - how is it that I don't have a pretty peplum in my wardrobe?! ;)
    Also, your blog looks gorgeous! I have been thinking of redesigning my blog (again), too haha!

  3. I love that top! I still don't have a peplum top either!

  4. Oooooo I love your whole outfit! The shoes are amazing! :)




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