On Leggings and Autumn

Well, friends. I fell into a blogging rut. I was all work, no play, and certainly no new posts on Lipstick&Yarn. I hope you don't feel like I was neglecting you. I promise I wasn't. But I'll understand if you think I did. I can see you now, dear reader. You're shaking your head and thinking, "Come on, Brittany. Get it together. Working a real job and taking pictures of what you wear cannot be that difficult." Then you sighed in disappointment as a month passed without picture or post and you lost some faith and some trust in me. 

But now, I'm back. And you're probably heralding a small 'yay' somewhere in the back of your brain (or at least I hope you are), until you realize that I am committing a fashion faux pas: Leggings as pants. You shudder. And now, you, dear reader, slightly annoyed that I am speaking to you like you are in an Italo Calvino novel, are wondering if you should have any faith in me as a thrifting style blogger at all. I understand your plight. I understand your skepticism. I'll be the first to jump on the boycott bandwagon. 

In fact, I'll admit it. I've stunk a thousand shades of fail on the posting front. I'll also admit that I may have slacked off when putting together an outfit for my first post back after a whole month. Leggings, boots, and a shirt? Am I kidding? We see enough of this on Pinterest!

But that's exactly it. We see this all over Pinterest. It's an outfit choice that just hasn't found a way to retire. No matter how often Parisian designers shout condemnations at the legging, or mothers everywhere wish their teenage daughters would dawn a pair of jeans instead, I have to give this unfortunate trend a chance to thrive in its natural habitat: cozy fall afternoons. These afternoons are the ones that linger hazily between summer warmth and November winds, and they promise seasons filled with fashion scarves, layered clothing, and boots. 

Like old habits, leggings will die hard and slow. Until then, they will serve lazy autumn days with every ounce of their existence until sweat pants become socially acceptable office wear. They will also provide lazy (read: distracted) bloggers like me a segue back into the fashion-thrifting-cyber-vortex. 

shirt // thifted, Value Village
leggings // Suzy Shier
boots // le Chateau
necklace // vintage, thrifted, Value Village

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