Thrift Style Thursday // Adding Vintage

We all want to wear vintage in our outfit, but sometimes it's difficult to do. Vintage is fickle. It's old. It's hard to incorporate. If you have some, it may be a fad and have no place in a current wardrobe aesthetic. So the thing to remember with vintage is this: start small, look for quality, and opt for trend over fad.

If you're not an avid vintage wearer, and cannot pull off a Jentine, try vintage in small doses. Find a staple accessory, such as a necklace or purse, and subtly build the vintage into your outfit. If you can, sport vintage shoes - like I did here and here. Once you're comfortable with that, start investing in quality vintage. Find a coat that you love or invest in a great dress. The key is not to overwhelm your wardrobe with cheap old stuff that you thrifted and led yourself to believe was vintage, but instead to add classic items that work in your wardrobe and serve a lasting purpose. As a rule, invest in the trend items - the ones you know are coming back in style - leather boots, fringe jackets, Jackie Kennedy blazers - instead of the fads that won't come back at all. Research how to wear your vintage, too. For instance, it's important to know that crop tops are back, but should be worn with high waisted skirts/pants, as opposed to uber low-rise jeans (the 90s called, they want Clueless back),

So that brings us to my outfit, because you're probably wondering, "What the heck is vintage on this?!"

I'm glad you asked!

I really did add only a touch of vintage to this outfit - the structured faux snakeskin 80s purse is my vintage item, here. However, you can see what I mean about trend. This purse will never go out of style. It is a true classic. Not only that, but it has stood the test of time - it is well made, structured, and has many more years of life ahead.

That's the beauty of vintage. Every time you wear it, it's like giving an old friend a fresh start at life.

tank // Thrifted, The Salvation Army
cardigan // Borrowed, My Mom's closet
pants // Jacob, Thrifted, Value Village
booties // Payless Shoe Stores, circa 2009
purse // Thrifted, Talize

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  1. Hurray, welcome back! I absolutely love this outfit, the top and sweater are gorgeous together, and I love the touch of vintage you've added! Great post and great advice for incorporating vintage into your wardrobe!! :)

  2. Welcome back! Your little bag is so cute! A purse is a great way to add a little vintage to a look, I most definitely agree!

  3. Your bag is beautiful and definitely a classic! It pairs so beautifully with the color of your cardigan too. Great look!



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