Thrift Style Thursday // Pinspired

A few weeks ago I picked up this pair of burgundy straight leg skinnies from Suzy Shier for $26. I've been seeing jewel tones all over Pinterest, and I am thankful that hues of the most vibrant and rich colours are back in our wardrobes. These pants also offered the perfect base for Pinterest inspired everything. 

In my case, everything but the pants are thrifted: pleather and zippered Ricki's jacket? Salvation Army; striped Olsen tank and vintage waist belt? Talize; 80s black leather vintage Hudson's Bay boots? Value Village. It's quite the turn around from last week's TST, isn't it. 

Sadly, though, I don't have a lot to say about this outfit other than the boots still smell of leather, and I have the exact shade of lipstick to match the pants. 

Maybe it's that I don't feel the need to justify my choices to fit the theme - each item is pretty self-explanatory. As such, my sass seems to have disappeared. What if this is a sign?! What if my blogging sass comes from breaking rules and stretching themes and when all is said and done and I have followed the rules exactly, my humour, nay, my personality, falls into line too? 

And here I was under the impression that it had something to do with my haircut. 

Ah well, live and learn Pinteresters, live and learn. 

pants // Suzy Shier, here
tank // Olsen, thrifted, Talize
blazer // Ricki's, thrifted, Salvation Army
boots // Hudson's Bay, vintage, Value Village
belt // vintage, Talize
earrings // Ardene

As always, stop in to see the other TST ladies and see how they Pinspired things up today. There's some spectacular style out there!

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  1. Super cute, I love how you recreated the pin! I have been looking for a pair of pants that color for awhile now, but no dice. The hunt continues!

  2. Hahaha you are hilarious and I sense no loss of sass! Also, this outfit is adorable and sunspot need no explanation - like the pin, love your interpretation!! :)

  3. Such a rad inspiration!!! I wanna recreate this look now too! And you did it so well :) Super cute and edgy your hair ;)

  4. Um no, no loss of sass! You did such a good job recreating this in real life! I am very inspired ;)

  5. I love your recreation! It is a beautiful outfit (and makes me a little sad that I can't wear anything like that for a few more months until I fit into my normal clothes, haha). You look gorgeous as always!



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