Thrift Style Thursday // Sporty Chic

I'm not a sporty girl. Never have been. Never will be. My ideal workout is none at all, and the only sport I will ever get a gold metal in (should it exist) is the sport of yarn works.

When I think sporty chic, I think about Columbia Sportswear (do you folks have that in the USA?) and Nike. I don't think 'oh hey, this is a style I would really like to blog about.' It isn't even a style I venture to wear. So for today, I am keeping it simple: slouchy tank and jeggings. That's sporty, right?

I also have a confession to make about this week's outfit. There is only one item that was actually thrifted, and it is the least sporty thing of all: the necklace. I am not going to try and apologize for this, because I have to say, sometimes reusing what is already in your closet is the best way to be thrifty (I believe Pinterest calls this 'upcycling'). Buying new should mean buying versatile and quality items that will take your closet through the years.

Thus, earth tone jeggings from AE, a classic grey cardigan from Suzy, and genuine leather "peter pan getaway" shooties (bootie and shoe put together? Who knew?!) from Aldo may not have been thrifted, but they are staples. As for that H&M slouchy racerback tank ... it was passed on to me from Nick's sister this weekend after she very intensely closet purged.

I also scored a pair of once-worn Steve Madden gladiators. But we'll save those for another time.

tank // hand-me down, Nick's sister
jeggings // American Eagle, my closet
cardigan // Suzy Shier
lace-up shooties // Aldo, $100 (find them here!)
necklace // vintage, thrifted, Value Village

Thanks for stopping in, friends! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday. Don't forget to check out the other lovely and thrifty gals! They'll be happy to see you. 

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  1. Cute outfit! :) and yes, both Columbia Sportswear and Nike originated in my state, and both headquarters in Portland, Oregon USA. So... we're sort of sporty/hipstery here.

    1. Ah! Glad to know. :) Thanks for stopping in Vivienne!

  2. Yep, we have Columbia here as Jolie mentioned. I have a couple of their fleece jackets and they're very nice for Fall!

    You look very cute, I almost did a similar look today until I found out it would be warm enough for a skirt instead!

    1. Awe! So jealous of the warmth. We're a hazy shade of autumn up here in the SW Ontario region. Getting close to coat weather!

  3. This is adorable! And I also consider hand-me-downs thrifty, I like to think of it as pre-thrifting because if that person didn't give it to you, it most likely would have ended up at the thrift store anyway - it's like cutting out the middle man! ;)
    Either way, totally adorable outfit and jeggings and a tank are definitely sporty in my book - it's all about making fashion work for you, not the other way around! :)

    1. Thanks, Kristi! I am so glad you agree. I put this on this morning and thought, "I could see Kristi blogging this outfit..." I figured I had a winner.

  4. super cute outfit! you look amazing on it! and i am not a sporty girl either :)

    1. Us non-sporty girls must stick together, I feel. Thanks for stopping in, Orly!

  5. Hand me downs totally count! Cute shoes, btw ;) I love the look, and though you were never 'sporty' per se, there is a lot of room for interpretation! Love how you interpreted sporty chic :)



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