#ThriftStyleThursday: Winter White

jeans // American Eagle, thrifted, Value Village
tank // Olsen Europe, thrifted, Talize
belt // leather, Tabi, thrifted, Value Village
cardigan // Roxy, gift
boots // Le Chateau

I have never owned white pants before this theme. Quite honestly, white in an Ontario winter seems pretty impractical. No sooner do you wash a pair of white pants, then they have salt/sand/dirty snow stains on the bottom of them from the general muck of winter. Who wants to deal with salt stains? Yuck.

But if we're being completely honest (and we always are, right?), I am in love with these pants. And it was quite a process to find them.

I think I took Nick to at least 10 thrift stores over the course of 3 weeks to find these babies. I'm glad too, because by week 3, I was getting concerned that I would have no white bottoms for this post. A few stores (and weeks) before, I had almost found a killer pair of LOFT white skinnies - until Nick noticed a giant stain on the lower back leg of them. Yeah, I was sad, but any good thrifter knows that when white has a stain on it, no matter what the item of white is, you pass. Those LOFT jeans were not meant to be. (I also passed up a pair of neon pink Michael Kors skinnies the other month because they were two sizes too small... I probably shoulda bought them anyway and resold them on Insta...)

So now we're here. Megan chose to make this week's theme winter white. And I found my jeans. These lovelies are American Eagle straight legged white jeans - and I mean actual jeans. Not jeggings, not jersey, not polyester. Real white denim.

I love the way they fit - how they hug like jeans and not like jeggings, how they relax a little as I wear them, and then stay the right shape when I wash them. I've missed denim. We've put such an emphasis on the comfort of jeggings that we've forgotten the greatness of a good pair of true jeans - white or blue.

And, I loved them so much, I styled them twice! That's right, friends: TWO outfits for one Thrift Style Thursday. Whew. Do I love winter white or what?!

jeans // American Eagle, thrifted, Value Village
tank // Olsen Europe, thrifted, Talize
belt // leather, Tabi, thrifted, Value Village
blazer // Smart Set
boots // Le Chateau

Now go check out the other ladies to see how they styled white for this week's challenge! And don't forget to follow along, and like us on Facebook by clicking the #thriftstylethursday graphic in the middle! Want to participate? Hashtag your themed look on Insta or Twitter as #tst or #thriftstylethursday, or send any one of us an email! 

As always, stay thrifty!

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My Wellness Journey: The Importance of Proper Workout Gear [that I love!!]

Nick and I have been committed gym goers for the past 4 months. He receives membership deals to Goodlife Fitness Centres through his work, and somehow he managed to talk me into signing up for a gym membership for myself.

Now, I have never been an avid attendee of my local workout centre before this membership. I went sporadically during graduate school with my roommate, but that died out as soon as heavy essay season hit. The few times I did go, I just hopped on a bike because that was the only thing I really knew how to do, anyways.

Nick has had a personal trainer, plays pick-up badminton on Thursday evenings, and makes a point of going to the gym after work on the evenings he and I don't have plans. He's not crazy into fitness, but he has done well to keep himself healthy. I've learned that I need to do the same.

Four months in, I am finding that there are real results beginning to show. I have more energy. The fitness routine I am doing means that I need to eat much healthier than I have been. And while my weight isn't changing substantially, I am building muscle in the places where the non-muscle used to be.

Besides having a proper routine, correct posture when lifting weights and doing squats, and having lots of water, going to the gym requires a commitment to proper training shoes (which are different than running shoes) and proper gym wear.

Going to the gym doesn't mean you have to wear tights and oversized t-shirts. Wear something that allows movement, properly absorbs moisture, gives you adequate support, and makes you feel good!

Here's some things you need to know before shopping for your stylish and sweat absorbing workout gear:

1) Invest in one great pair of trainers and one great pair of runners.

While brand is important (you want to invest in something that specializes in sports), it isn't the most important thing. If you are starting out with a routine that incorporates both weight training and cardio you'll need two separate pairs of shoes. Trainers are for weight training, runners are for cardio training. There is a substantial difference in the way the shoes are structured and thus offer your feet support in different places. Always find a shoe that allows your foot to move but rest flat for lifting weights, and find one that gives enough support in the arch of your foot when pursuing running or biking. These cardio activities are hard on your joints and your feet will ache if you wear the incorrect type of footwear while doing them.

2) LADIES: Properly fitting athletic bra is key!

This sounds like a no brainer, right? But you'd be surprised at how different every sports bra fits. When shopping, take in one of every brand and style - it's the only way to find out what is right for you. I tried on sports bras by Adidas, Champion, UnderArmour, Roxy, and Reebok before settling on this Nike bra. I decided on this one for two reasons. One: It was cute and comfortable and held the ladies where they needed to be; and Two: It passed the running on the spot test.

The running on the spot test is a simple test you can do in the change room. If a sports bra properly supports you, you will be able to comfortably run on the spot for a twenty seconds or so without feeling discomfort in the way the girls move (ideally, they don't move much). If it passes, you have a good bra.

3) Buy a water bottle that makes you WANT to drink water.

If you're human, you need water. Find a water bottle you love and keep hydrated. I often put lemon slices in my water to give my immune system a burst and to bring up energy levels. There are so many cute and stylish bottles on the market that it shouldn't be hard to find one you love.

4) You need to find comfortable, higher waisted, and moisture absorbent bottoms.

The reality is that when you're at the gym you're going to sweat and you're going to be grossed out by it. You'll probably sweat in some places that you aren't proud of. Purchase high-waisted cotton-spandex work-out or yoga specific bottoms to lift, run, bike, or row in. They don't need to be skin tight, but they should be snug enough that you can see how your muscles are working and if your posture is proper. I have Adidas yoga capris, UnderArmour biker length spandex and these DIAdry workout shorts - all of which I love. 

Regardless of what brands you wear or what you do when you're at the gym, find gear that works for you and makes you feel like a million bucks. I promise, it'll help motivate you to keep going to the gym! 

bottoms // SportChek, similar here
tank // Adidas, purchased at Winners
athletic bra // Nike, similar here
training shoes // Asics, found here
water bottle // Joe Fresh

Thanks for stopping in. Let me know if you want more info on any of these! I'm hoping to take you through my wellness experience this upcoming year. I'll talk workouts, recipes, challenges, and expectations. Stay tuned! 

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#ThriftStyleThursday: A Very Pinspired New Year

Today's #tst post was a bit comical. I had originally planned to 'pinspire' the same outfit that Bethie (and I believe also Carissa) had both remixed. I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, "self, you got this!" and then I went on Facebook to discover those two ladies did it - and they did it better. 

So I thought, and I searched Pinterest, and I thought some more, and I remembered my newly thrifted Banana Republic Midi Skirt (see me? keeping my New Years resolutions already? yeah.), and I new I could come up with something. 

Now, a very cold (and very quick) photo sesh later, some red lipstick, and a borrowed necklace (Thanks Mom!), we're here. 

And thanks to Andrea over at Little DY Know for today's Pinterest Inspired theme! 

shirt // Nygaard, thrifted
skirt // Banana Republic, thrifted, Value Village
purse // Charles Hubert, vintage, thrifted, Value Village
booties // Payless Shoe Source, my closet
belt // Smart Set, my closet
necklace // Reitmans, borrowed.

Now go take a look and see how all the other wonderful #TST ladies have styled up their wardrobe for this awesome theme! 

And until next time, stay thrifty!

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