#ThriftStyleThursday: Winter White

jeans // American Eagle, thrifted, Value Village
tank // Olsen Europe, thrifted, Talize
belt // leather, Tabi, thrifted, Value Village
cardigan // Roxy, gift
boots // Le Chateau

I have never owned white pants before this theme. Quite honestly, white in an Ontario winter seems pretty impractical. No sooner do you wash a pair of white pants, then they have salt/sand/dirty snow stains on the bottom of them from the general muck of winter. Who wants to deal with salt stains? Yuck.

But if we're being completely honest (and we always are, right?), I am in love with these pants. And it was quite a process to find them.

I think I took Nick to at least 10 thrift stores over the course of 3 weeks to find these babies. I'm glad too, because by week 3, I was getting concerned that I would have no white bottoms for this post. A few stores (and weeks) before, I had almost found a killer pair of LOFT white skinnies - until Nick noticed a giant stain on the lower back leg of them. Yeah, I was sad, but any good thrifter knows that when white has a stain on it, no matter what the item of white is, you pass. Those LOFT jeans were not meant to be. (I also passed up a pair of neon pink Michael Kors skinnies the other month because they were two sizes too small... I probably shoulda bought them anyway and resold them on Insta...)

So now we're here. Megan chose to make this week's theme winter white. And I found my jeans. These lovelies are American Eagle straight legged white jeans - and I mean actual jeans. Not jeggings, not jersey, not polyester. Real white denim.

I love the way they fit - how they hug like jeans and not like jeggings, how they relax a little as I wear them, and then stay the right shape when I wash them. I've missed denim. We've put such an emphasis on the comfort of jeggings that we've forgotten the greatness of a good pair of true jeans - white or blue.

And, I loved them so much, I styled them twice! That's right, friends: TWO outfits for one Thrift Style Thursday. Whew. Do I love winter white or what?!

jeans // American Eagle, thrifted, Value Village
tank // Olsen Europe, thrifted, Talize
belt // leather, Tabi, thrifted, Value Village
blazer // Smart Set
boots // Le Chateau

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As always, stay thrifty!

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  1. I had the same experience finding my white jeans too - weeks of searching and finally, success!
    I can't decide which of your stylings I like better. The lace up the back of the cardigan is just lovely, but the military style blazer is awesome too. Both great combos!

    1. I know! I love the pop of colour from the military blazer, but I also love the cozy look of the cardigan. Oh well! That's why we can do things like post both. :P

  2. LOVE IT ALL! Seriously great job with this post and your outfits!! I love the white jeans and I say AMEN to finding a pair of jeans you love! While I am trying to wear more than just jeans, I cannot deny my love for good denim! Anyway, back on track, I love your outfits and I love the neutral colors especially of the first outfit and the added sass/edge of the second! Also, those boots are awesome! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Kristi! We should switch wardrobes - I wear mostly dresses and skirts. But I am beginning to rediscover the art of a good jean. These qualified. :)

  3. These are great white jeans! As you saw on my blog I set out for a pair of white jeans but then found the camo ones that I got instead. I really love the fit of yours though and I love how they pair with your brown boots! And I would live in that cardigan if I had it! Very cute look overall!

    1. I really loved your camo jeans, so there's that.

      Incidently, I *do* live in this cardigan. You can wear it with anything AND it has a hood. One of my favourite Christmas gifts this year, for sure. :P Thanks for the kind words, Beth!



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