Springtime Ambitions and Seedlings

I've been sporting a headache for most of today, which usually means that there is an air pressure change. When the air pressure starts to change at this time of year, it usually means spring is coming. The sun is beginning to feel warm - actually warm - and isn't merely providing light on an otherwise cold environment. 

Now the weather people are warning that warmer temperatures are going to make things wet and slushy (isn't that what happens when snow melts??), but I think that, at this point, even if warmer temperatures were a sign of the pending apocalypse, I'd still rejoice.

It's a good thing that warmer weather is coming, because, as you cans see by the photos above, Nick and my starter seedlings are starting to come up; some of them more excitedly than others.

We planted:
- Red Bell Pepper
- Green Bell Pepper
- Yellow Bell Pepper
- Big Beef Tomatoes
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Spaghetti Squash
- Pickling Cucumber
- Kale
- Watermelon
- Zucchini
- Summer Squash
- Bulb Onion
- Chives
- Basil
- Oregano
- Cilantro
- Rosemary
- Thyme
- Coriander
- Sage
- Parsley
- Dill

And when the ground thaws, we'll plant directly into the ground:
- Carrots
- Radishes
- Snow Peas
- Beans (climbing and bush)
- Sunflowers
- Leaf Lettuce
- Romane Lettuce
- Spinach
- English Cucumber

We plan on growing the Spaghetti Squash, Zucchini, Summer Squash, Beans, and Cucumbers up trellises this year to fit more veggies in a smaller space. Last year we had some rotting on the bottom of our zucchinis because they grew along the dirt. This was disappointing because I really like zucchini and we ended up having a much smaller harvest that both Nick and I expected. 

Last year was a trial and error year for us. We had a bountiful harvest of peppers and beans, but our tomatoes caught blight and all died before the end of August. We discovered that veggies in the cucurbit family should be trellised for optimum growth, and that the free-range chickens really enjoy Kale. 

Additionally, last year Nick started seeds while I was still out in British Columbia for school, and many of them didn't survive the spring season. They didn't have enough light, and the ones that did grow strong enough to plant were not climatized properly. This year, we seeded earlier and purchased a grow-lamp and heating pads. We were still really anxious about getting the small plants used to an outdoor environment. We were going to save up for a small greenhouse to ease the transition. 

Until this past weekend, Nick's parents returned from a vacation to Florida with a 10 x 12 greenhouse for Nick. We're both really excited about the prospect of providing shelter for the starter plants. Hopefully, by mid-May, we'll have had our last frost and can begin planting in the soil.

I am really looking forward to growing vegetables again this year. Hopefully we'll have a better tomato harvest this season.


Do you garden? Do you have any vegetables that you love to grow? What is usually your first harvest of the season? Let me know in the comments. You can follow along by clicking any of the social media icons below, or contact me directly by clicking the little envelope. 

#ThriftStyleThursday: Updated Mod

frock // Forever 21, thrifted, Salvation Army
blazer // Cleo, thrifted, Value Village
pumps // Liz Claiborne, thrifted, Economy Shop
necklace // vintage, borrowed

This might have been the most difficult TST for me in since we revamped the themes for the new year. I don't like dressing in specific decades. I never have. So when Beth over at Life with Bethie made this week's theme "Time Machine", I actually groaned. I have never done that for a Thrift Style Thursday post.

So I decided that I wanted to have another hack at the late 60s/early 70s. A while back, we did a "Mod Squad" theme, and I thought I was really clever showcasing some thrifted Mod Cloth shoes. This time around, I wanted to pull out this thrifted frock and update it to suit my own style needs. That basically means it needed to work for winter.

And here we are, a thrifted blazer, thrifted frock, and thrifted shoes later, and I have decided to pass this off as mid-decade and Mod-Frock inspired. Sure, we'll go with that. 

If this is the first time you've come across Thrift Style Thursday, be sure to click on the images below - these will take you to the blogs of all the other lovely TST ladies. The middle graphic will take you to our FB page. So follow along, and participate by hash tagging your Time Machine inspired outfit with #thriftstylethursday or #tst.

Thanks so much for stopping by! And as always, stay thrifty. :) 

Introducing "The B Life" - ReBranding the Blog

I did it. I finally rebranded. It was time. I loved Lipstick & Yarn, but I needed to address a few changes based on what my blog has become, and where I see it going. I wanted a simpler layout, cleaner widgets, and a no-fuss font. I wanted blog maturity. And I wanted something I was proud to call my own.

See, there comes a time in every girl's life, where her blog needs an identity that goes beyond just crochet projects and fashion. I've always wanted my blog to reflect all aspects of my life to seek out the lovely, the sustainable, and the creative. 

I've wanted a place where it makes sense to delve into mine and Nick's homesteading escapades. I wanted a place where I can showcase my thrifty fashion finds. I wanted a place where I can share recipes, wellness inspiration, and yarn or sewing projects. I wanted a place where I could post decor projects, life updates, and everything in between.

I loved Lipstick and Yarn, but I wanted something more encompassing.

So, now we're here. And "here" is a place of exploration; a place of celebrating sustainability in living; a place of simplistic beauty; a place of trial and error, and of discovery.

The 'B' Life isn't just about me. It isn't just about thrifty fashion, or creative projects, or gardening, or wellness, or sustainable living. The 'B' Life is about finding loveliness in the everyday. Because most of us aren't A-Listers. Nor will we ever be. I want this blog to be a reflection of the good in a life absent of celebrity; a reflection of the beautiful in the mundanities of middle living. 

That, after all, is a 'B' life. It's a celebration of simplicity, a striving for sustainability, and a recognition that indeed, all that glitters is not gold. 

So, welcome. Come take this journey with me. Come be a part of The 'B' Life. 



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